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  1. Re: English Championship 1 Just got Plymouth Argyle and they are in the Premiership!
  2. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Happy Birthday to Ashley 55 who made an amazing 0 posts!
  3. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Tottenham news Tottenham have been busy in the transfer market bringing in 4 players which will allbeit strgnthen the Spurs side who are currently lying in 9th place in the Premier league. Lucas Barrios- He was signed from AZ Alkmaar for a minimal £5million, he will prominently be used as backup for the attack which we already have, which may mean he is used tonight due to injuries to 2 of our 3 normal strikers. Tobias Grahn- Signed from Djurgardens for a fee of £6million, an attacking midfielder who can also play as a striker. He will feature on
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread I dont know why teams do no have the bottle to play 3 at the back. United would be very good with 3 at the back i think. Neville or Evra to accompany Ferdinand and Vidic. Then you would have so much room to tinker with a 5 man midfield that a 3-2-3-2 formation for you would rock. Hargreaves and Carrick just in the holding roles as they both have the abiltiy to stop most teams between them. Ronaldo/ Giggs/ Scholes/Nani/Anderson are then going to be able to help out rooney and tevez as lets me honest none of them are out and out strikers and with this formation
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Agree 100%. West Ham were the best team on the day and deserved the win. I dont feel sorry atall for Ronaldo missing the penalty' date=' but like someone before said he scored 1, and the rest of United scored 0 between them, So you cannot blame Ronaldo as much as would love to blame it all on him. As for the list of strikers, which i think shows you need an out and out striker, as Rooney and Tevez do not give you these options. Berbatov would make United immense in attack as he will hld it up and play it around to players like, Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo. An
  6. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Happy Birthday Steve!
  7. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! Why will he be sacked he is quality- i think you may have a dodgy source mate
  8. Re: Gold Championship 1 News From White Hart Lane Conterversial manager Jewiss has broken his silence about selling Hleb to Arsenal for Lennon and Dempsey. Hleb was not in my first team plans and was not needed as now star Arshavin, who has recently returned from injury wil take his place in the team and therefore Jewiss tells us that Hleb is not needed even though he is likely to rise. The players whivh Jewiss has received form the Hleb deal, Lennon and Dempsey have also caused some contreversy with other managers calling him a cheat. However Jewiss will explain the reasons for wanti
  9. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Happy birthday to these lot martyn25 (27), jcalvert206 (24), 22 David Cotterill (20), Laura Jenkins (15)
  10. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. CONGRATULATIONS TO ME WoooHooo I have just made by 500th post. ( and the crowd go wild) YAY
  11. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. mullins20 (21), bonpalz (19) Happy birthday to you two.
  12. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Just want to see Happy Birthday to these people Skepta (21), Sparky (19), gm innit (17), bigz786 (15) Obviously the most notable is Sparky, so Happy birthday Sparky:D
  13. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Oh well thety may come on today and see that we said happy birthday and stay on the forum this time
  14. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Ecko (24), Dino Saur (15) both are en joying birthdays today So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you
  15. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Congretulations Shels i a msure yo have made a big impact on the forum for the past year so all i can see is keep it up.
  16. Ther have been a lot of threads made by wellwishers wishing SM players happy birthday ans how long they have been on SM. So, i have made a thread for people to do this called the birthday/Sm anniversary/congretulation thread. This is for people to wish happy birthday or well dones to people or for people to say hoe long they have been on SM for. So my birthday greetings go to, sunnynchelsea and saad_suhail3 add to the list of birthdays, congrats and anniversarys if you want.
  17. Re: Right now i'm listening to... I dont see why timbaland gets credit for apologize when he says aa, aa, aa. So ONE REPUBLIC FT TIMBALAND- APOLOGIZE
  18. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Totenham keep on winning Since matt jewiss has taken over tottenham with previous manager Mike giggs soing the othe way to Inter it has been all smile here at spurs. They are unbeaten in 3 games picking up the maximum 9 points, following an emphatic 1-0 win over a strong and well organised Everton side. They are now 7th with 1 game to go so we will have to see what happens. Jewiss has reave;ed there have been one or two big plauers linked with the club and he will soon be putting in some very big offers.
  19. Re: Right now i'm listening to... The Wombats- Lets dance to joy division
  20. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Song: the white one is evil Artist: elliot minor Album: N/A Genre: Indie/ rock Released: 2007 Song Length: not sure Why I like it: Amazing song Best bit: all of it
  21. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Song: Bleeding love Artist: Leona Lewis Album: Unsure Genre: Pop Released: 2007 Song Lenght: i dont know! Why I like it: Really good song. Best bit: Introduction Favorite Line- when she goes oohhhhhhh and the in higher voice ohhhhhhh.
  22. Re: Arsenal Gossip i suppose not as anfield is a tough place but i only put haha in as the message was too short lol
  23. Re: Right now i'm listening to... walking in memphis- marc cohn
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