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  1. Re: Overhyped young players - Poor ratings Nice to see you havent changed Shels ... Technically he was 'suggesting' a problem with the ratings, I just came up for a potential solution for him.
  2. Re: Overhyped young players - Poor ratings I think the issue is SM limited themselves to a 60-99 rating system, in that there is not much scope there for a big notable difference between players. I think the whole rating system is very subjective and not atall explained, in fact id like to see the removal of a rating system whatsoever, alas this shall not happen. In limiting themselves to a scale of 39, there are always going to be players on a par with players who are a lot better than themselves. I suggested this a long time ago but it seems to have been lost with certain other clutter,
  3. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) It's all about house music at the moment! Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I could be the one I would post a link but in my old age I have forgotten how to do it! Someone please teach me!
  4. Re: Unmanaged clubs - transfers I think it's such a shame to see decent squads getting raided. Sometimes if i have a bit of spare time, I will take control of a club, sort them out a few good players, and then quit them again. I know its almost certainly frowned upon, but its such a shame to see a decent team get 'raped' as it were. In an ideal world id urge every manager on the forum to do this once a day, but the rate at which GW's are created nowadays its virtually impossible. Its just decent sometimes to stop a club getting 'raped' (especially when they are very much beloved)
  5. Re: 273 - Transfer News , Banter , M/R's & Discussions I've got Athletic Will try and help you to keep this thread alive!
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Just picked up Arsenal in GC199, look forward to some tough negotiation!
  7. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Missed out whilst my Gold Membership was processing! Will keep an eye out for your posts on here!
  8. I am very much an old of new here on SM and would love to reignite my passion for the game by finding a few familiar faces on here If anyone has any tips for me then I would gladly listen! I have managed to pick up a decent Sampdorian in Gc74 and hope to work a bit of magic. For those of you who don't know me I'm Matt. I have just graduate with a 1st class degree in sport and exercise psychology and in going on to do a masters degree as well as work with a few clubs next season . I'm looking forward to getting to know, talk to and hopefully beat on here Matt. Sorry for the atrocious
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Have just picked up Chelsea in GC60, I hate to see that the previous manager has left them in fairly bad shape but we still have Essien, JT and Lampard. Everyone, bar them 3 are for sale for player exchanges. Currently in negotiations over Ramos and Messi but nothing concrete just yet!
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Right... In the 3 GC's that I am participating in, the following players are for sale, for the following requirements: Napoli GC99: Edin Dzeko (92) - A Replacement striker rated 90, and under the age of 28. + another player, def / mid rated 90 under the age of 27 (Offer have been countered to Barca, Milan & Others with these requirements) Andrei Arshavin (92) - A replacement CM rated 90, and under the age of 27. + Another player, mid / att rated 89/90 and under the age of 28 Darren Fletcher (92) - A replacement CM rated 90, and unde
  11. Re: Football betting! I have £5 on: Besiktas, Paok, Standard Liege & Fulham Looks like its going to be coming in Need Metalist to come in for £100!
  12. Re: Official A-Level Results Day Thread - Thursday 18 August 2011 From my experience, I thought the maximum was 360 points? Which is AAA, 350 I assume would be AAB? Anway, she may have got over 500 points but im pretty sure they only take 3 subjects anyway? So in this case it would be the top 3 subjects, regardless of what the other 2 were. Therefore, if her best grades were ABB she wouldnt have hit the 350 points, regardless of what her other 2 subject results were. I remember 2 years ago I needed 280 points...which I think was BCC? I aimed a lot lower than what I could have achieved. Ende
  13. Re: Football betting! Generally avoid the earlier games, as there is always one which ruins it for me! However, I am backing: Stoke @ 6/4 Besiktas @ 1/4 Slask Wroclaw @ 6/4 EDIT - Removed from Acca Metalist @ Evens Acca = 89/1 Worth a Punt! Partizan Belgrade @ 5/6 Roma @ 8/13 Celtic @ 4/9 Atletico 1/3 Also backing: Maccabi V Panathanikos Draw @ 21/10 Bursaspor V Anderlect Draw @ 21/10 Svezda V Stade Rennais Draw @ 21/10 Acca = 320/1 Also worth a Punt! Maribor V rangers Draw @ 23/10 Braga V Young Boys Draw @ 23/10
  14. Re: Football betting!
  15. Re: Football betting! How did you do this evening with the accumulators?
  16. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) Thank You Biffy Moved onto this now (hope this works) AbB3z2fZ7PM
  17. Re: re-joined.. someone shoot me please! Hiya mate, we joined around the same time, became inactive around the same time, and rejoined around the same time! Hope you are well buddy!
  18. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) Big Tune! Axwell & Dirty South Remix of Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition. P.S. I have forgotton how to do links to the webpage/song , may someone enlighten me!
  19. Re: Football betting! Had 1 side let me down for £2,108! Choose 8 draws aswell...
  20. Re: Football betting! I've done a few 'In Play' bets now Found a stray £45 in my 365 account Will let you know how it gets on
  21. Re: Football betting!
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