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  1. Just won promotion woohoo!! GD+105 and 88 points, Torres top scorer in Division with 27, unbeaten in 33 league games (we won't mention the 6-0 thrashing by Spurs in the Cup Final lol)
  2. If the players were all 5-10 yrs younger would that make it the greatest? lolol
  3. Weidenfeller Maicon Vidic Carvalho Arbeloa Arteta Barry Huddlestone Kuyt Torres Lozano Subs - Klose,Cattermole,Cambiasso,Alex Unbeaten for 30 games, GD 93 and facing Spurs in the English Cup Final :-) dreading retirem
  4. Give retired players the rest of the season to play out, this would really help small clubs like mine I recently signed Drogba and Vidic costing about £1 million and lost Drogba before he even played a game! and now looking like I will lose Vidic. A million pounds is a lot for a team in the 3rd Division! Edit - Vidic gone, another finanacial loss that is hard for a struggling team.
  5. Baz69

    Quit Team?

    Re: Quit Team? Yeah I was the only 'real' manager in Div 2 , guess I will stick it out a bit longer and change things round , thanks for the advice.
  6. Baz69

    Quit Team?

    I have taken Shrewsbury from Div 4 to Div 1 and for the last couple of seasons seem to be bouncing up and down barely winning a game in the top flight but coasting through Div 2 , should I admit that this will never change and take a new team or plough on valiantly?
  7. I have taken Shrewsbury from Div 4 to Div 1 since taking them over , however I seem to be coasting Div 2 and getting promoted and then going straight back down again without winning a game , highest rated player is 88 lowest one 80 , is it worth me persevering in the hope that something changes or am I doomed to forever bounce up and down till the end of time ? p.s. just noticed Anelka is for sale @£3.5 mill , worth a punt for a chance of goals ?
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