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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would love to but the other guy's not budging :/ thiago or no deal
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi guys I've made an offer for angel di maria and ive been countered with: luis suarez + thiago alcantara ---> di maria Should I go for it? Thanks in advance
  3. Re: Arsenal FC 2010/2011 Upcoming Ratings Walcott - He's shown glimpses of being a better player, however he'll need to keep starting games AND contributing before he deserves to be a 90. He still has time before the rating changes however van Persie - Just consider that if he drops, he'll be rated 3 points lower than fabregas and he'll be 4 points lower than rooney. I myself cannot picture it, it's a bit of a stretch to put him down to 92 and he shud get a good string of games before SM do the rating changes
  4. Re: One Country One Team.. this sounds lik fun, just took over vitesse ^^
  5. Re: Looking to make an active setup. i would love it if i can take arsenal
  6. Re: Fantasy Premier League!!JOIN!! hey just joined
  7. Re: Setup with very low rated teams ten managers now, so we starting the bidding?
  8. Re: Setup with very low rated teams hey just took over eastbourne borough =D good luck everyone
  9. Re: Setup with very low rated teams hmm it sounds very very interesting indeed if theres still a spot open count me in
  10. Re: Are you kidding? yeh its one of the flaws of the game engine right now and causes headaches for everyone. the thing is theres not much you can do but work out a consistent tactic that works well against the smaller sides, learning from mistakes =p. and i guess posession doesnt win you games, goals do
  11. Re: Banega, fellaini, carrick, mikel or barry!!! banega shud rise to 90, which he shuda got last time stay clear of carrick for now obi mikel and barry shud stay at 91 and fellaini has a chance to get 91+ depending on hw everton fare IMO fellaini and banega are the pick of the bunch with fellaini being my personal fav. I watch him a lot and absolutely love him
  12. Re: Player values way low or high for swaps? it's the new system SM have, in PE deals the players you offer are worth roughly the starting player value. However the value of the player you are buying is still their chairman's value. So someone rated 92 with a billion other 92 players isn't gonna be worth much to their chairman and means you can trade a player rated 84 if his original player value is equivalent to the 92 rated player at the big club's chairman value hope it clears things up
  13. Re: CM Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mate you dont hav to post it everywhere, that turns people off from helping you now back to business, i dont see either of them getting a rise nor getting a drop either so im not sure it'll make too much of a difference
  14. Re: best formation and tactics well id say a 3-2-2-2-1 would suit your squad quite well. Firstly i think u need to get rid of nesta for someone younger, i cringe looking at a 34 year old in anyone's squad. Secondly you do need more defensive cover get players lik vermaelen, thiago silva, kjaer etc. Anyways i suggest you play a 3-2-2-2-1 with the players you hav: -------------Reina--------- ------Ramos---Pique---Cole ------Fabregas--Mascherano----- --Ribery-----------------Silva---- ---------Messi---Iniesta------- ------------Torres----------- Tackling: Hard Mentality: Attacking Pas
  15. Re: How to increase possession? just remember possession doesnt win you games goals do
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