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  1. Re: Your Team - Players to keep an eye on this season For Swindon; David Prutton will revive his career! Also, more to see from young charlie austin should be expected.
  2. Havent got a clue really; this is my team - Goalkeepers. Joe Hart (89) Sergio Asenjo (88) [Got him on loan from a mate] Matej Delac (83) Rui Nereu (78) Defenders Aly Cissokho (90) [LB] Emiliano Insua (88) [LB] Davide Santon (87) [RB/LB] Macedo Michel (86) [RB/CB] Mamadou Sakho (88) [CB/LB] Daniel Carrico (88) [CB] Alberto Botia (87) [CB/RB] Victor Ruiz (84) [CB] Midfielders Jerome Boateng (89) [DEF/DM] Leiva Lucas (89) [CM/DM] Mesut Ozil (91) [AM/LM] Forwards Rodriguez Pedro (90) [WING/FWD] Iker Muniain (85) [WING/FWD] Radamel Falcao (91) [FWD] Luis Suarez (90) [FWD] Si
  3. Re: Need a Goalkeeper! Will they both be rising?
  4. Hey, i currently have delac and delac only. Need a keeper urgently! Money isnt really an issue, any ideas!?
  5. Re: Decent Striker? + Hulk Advice I dont know who is good
  6. Any of theese? Falcao, Suarez, Negredo, Kiessling, Nilmar, Chamakh Or any others? All the obvious ones are takin in my set-up.
  7. Re: Decent Striker? + Hulk Advice
  8. Re: Decent Striker? + Hulk Advice Thank you very much, ill flog ngog and I will probally offer Hulk as an exhange for one of theese strikers, any more ideas? Which on of the below is best? Falcao is AVALIBLE in my set up, is he due a rise? Suarez is AVALIBLE in my set up, is he due a rise? Negredo is AVALIBLE in my set up, is he due a rise? Kiessling is AVALIBLE in my set up, is he due a rise? Chamakh is AVALIBLE in my set up, is he due a rise? I forgot to mention, i already have neymar!
  9. Heya, I've got Hulk but unsure wether to keep him? Is he due to rise again? Striker wise i've got Hulk, Ngog and Lukuku. I want to keep lukuku but wouldnt mind selling the other two, and have 24M to spend on 2/3 more strikers. All the obvious ones in my set up are gone, your dzeko's and your argueros. So i was thinking Defoe? Any help is much appriciated.
  10. Re: Best Fans in the football league? Club - Swindon Town FC. Against - Mansfield League - 2
  11. Ok, Rules are, 1 video per club, ill update the thread with all added video's so they're easy to find Fill in this when you're posting aswell: Club - Against - League - If it wasnt a derby, or if your in a lower league obviously its more impressive! ill get us started with swindon!
  12. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread. We got destroyed by rovers yesterday :[
  13. Re: Lukas Jutkiewicz- Nice riser and potential Seen him play all his games for swindon, keep in mind he was young at the time, well, younger then he is now ;]. He burst onto the scene at swindon, everybody thought he was our follower of sammy parkin, and when he scored in the 2-2 draw with top of the league walsall at there place, we very much belived it. Lukas showed great passion and determination at swindon, one thing that sticks out in my mind was a game at home vs. Torquey, we scored in the 85th minuite, and then stupidly gave away a later penalty witch torquay scored, straight from t
  14. Re: charlie, AUSTIN Would happily sell my house to marry austin, hes our god. Got his name on my away shirt, love itttt.
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