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  1. Re: Should Free Agents Be Free? why should they be free, they are not free in real life...a buying club has to pay the player a signing on fee, so they are not really "free" anyway. It's fair as it is.
  2. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Hello Phil, I would like your opinion on goalkeepers to rise from Germany.. I think i'm gonna buy BUT at Bayern & I see u think he'll rise to 87. I have 2.5million to spend & would like the keeper to rise to 86 at the minimum. How about Promlowitz , or Heerwagen ? Thanks in advance
  3. Re: U20 World Cup True.. looks like it's Brazils to lose... think I can hear the Whole of Brazil celebrating already:D
  4. JB*

    Ratings Schedule

    Re: Ratings Schedule thanks for all the advice How have sm done it in the past, was it all summer sections, then all main sections, then back to summer & onto the main sections again ? I want to but some players from Belgium, but if they move to the summer sections in Nov then I might as well buy some players from the summer leagues 1st.
  5. Hello everyone I have a Q regarding the Ratings schedule. Will the summer ratings section begin after section 4 of the main rating schedule has been reviewed, and will the remaining sections of the main ratings schedule be reviewed alongside the summer schedule ? Summer sections are due to be reviewed at start of november, right ?
  6. Re: Nordtveit or Muniesa? sm have him in wrong position' date=' should be LB/CB. These sites concur with that view: [url']http://www.bundesliga.de/en/liga/clubs/sc-freiburg/index.php[/url] http://soccernet.espn.go.com/players/stats?id=71550&cc=5739 http://www.soccerway.com/players/felix-bastians/45067/ http://www.football-lineups.com/footballer/23789_Felix_Bastians/
  7. Re: Nordtveit or Muniesa? i'll suggest two playing in Germany that will rise in the next 2 weeks: Zambrano at Schalke, 80 > 83/84, sm value £2.2m has started 7 games & played the full 90 mins in all of them; Bastians at Freiburg, 80 > 83/84, sm value £2.1m has played all games so far(8) & started 7 of them, playing 692 mins in total.
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Do you believe Keirrison will drop a point to 86 considering he has not featured much so far, & it looks very unlikely he'll play many games this season ? GREAT THREAD by the way
  9. Re: Scottish Ratings How do you rate Ross Forbes at Motherwell, he has started every game so far this season & rated only 64, is he covering for an injured team mate ? He seems to be performing rather well with 3 goals in 6 games R Forbes Age:20 Position: DM/CM Rate: 64 Matches: 6 Minutes: 524 Goals: 3 Could he reach 75/76 at the next Scottish review ?
  10. Re: Spain Young Footballers Nice thread, keep up the good work i have a young player to suggest: Sixteen year old Iker MUNIAIN of Athletic Bilboa rated 75 Stats so far 09-10 Europa league games: 4; started: 2; goals: 2; minutes: 217. La Liga games: 4; started: 2; goals: 0; minutes: 182. I don't know much about him but he must be a phenomenal prospect to be starting la liga games at the tender age of 16. He's one to monitor 4 sure
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