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  1. Looking for a CB that will go onto its 89 and above. Please recommend some Tried to get Silva of AC Miland and Vermalean of Arsenal but asking too much. Is 12M worth it for Vermalean?
  2. Re: Which 2 RBs? Johnson If that fails get Rafinha
  3. Re: Edin dzeko- rating prediction Scored Man u with a great Header so it shows he is capable against Big teams. Although Wolfsberg have had a bad start to season so he could be just 90 this time
  4. Re: Grafitie = Hargreaves + owen + 8 mil Tricky to answer. Grafite will be 91/92 at aged 30 while Owen and Harg will be 91 soon as long as they get games. + your giving him 8mil??? I think your getting ripped off
  5. Re: Money playing more importance I sold Aguero for £50 + Gomez so i do think that it is inflated too much. In the new updates it quotes the maximum the chairman will play e.g. Gomez is £100M and no way would Hamburg would. I think for certain clubs and the leagues your in, the prices should be inflated but in lower leagues prices need to be dropped.
  6. Re: New SM graphics Yeah its great however it may take a while to get used to, im all over the place hehe and i don't think that the AI is working as it will take a few weeks for players to show their true colours
  7. Re: Rio at risk............... of a -1 5ft 11 no thanks Rb maybe
  8. Re: Tevez or Pato? PATO for sure
  9. Re: 4 great CB's but which TWO to sell? Keep KJAER atleast he will be great
  10. What do you guys feel about changes about these players Pablo MAXI RODRIGUEZ ADRIANO, Correia CHAMAKH, Marouane GILARDINO, Alberto Wanting to buy them but not sure if they will decrease or increase Thanks
  11. Re: The Droppers Catalogue (EPL, La Liga etc.) How about Carrick? Doesn't really start for the big matches
  12. What do you think about my Squad. Now in Season 3 however bought into them end of season 2 where we just avoided Relegation but now are top. Could you please tell who is likely to improve and decrease Name POS Age Rat My Prediction HOWARD, Tim Gk 30 90 = OSPINA, David Gk 21 86 ? ANTONIO LOPEZ, Guerrero LB/RB 28 90 ? SCHENNIKOV, Georgi LB 18 83 + RAFINHA, Marcio RB 24 90 + RICHARDS, Micah RB/CB 21 89 + ALBIOL, Raúl CB/RB 24 92 + LESCOTT, Joleon CB/LB 27 90 +
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