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  1. Re: Rooney Or Vidic? Ive accepted, it only make sense + with all the prompt "Vidic" replies then i would be a fool not to
  2. Ive been offered Vidic for Rooney however im stuck what do to My strikers ATM are: Messi Rooney Pato Rossi Neymar While my CB are: Mertasacker Vermaelem Bruno Alves REINARTZ VERTONGHEN RANOCCHIA Its an old gameworld where top players are at 8 or less clubs while money also can't buy top players. Any opinions
  3. Re: Who to sell from my team of elites thank you for help, most players gunna have to for transfer ban to fade
  4. I seriously dont know who to sell. I only watch the Premier league and have checked stats of other players on espn but so stuck who to sell. I have only £2M and need £20 - 18M to buy Sakho. http://grab.by/9RbC http://grab.by/9RbD http://grab.by/9RbE
  5. Re: CHAMAKH, ALBIOL deal???? If your selling Chamakh then getting £30M Tasci who has a good Germany future and Bendner is okay then i would, for the other deal i would keep Albiol
  6. Re: Wilson Cuero to 75??? Should we keep him or cash up, ive had him 4 like a year now
  7. Re: 'star buys' a round up of the best buys in ukraine, russia, brazil and argentina Nice list and you will be repped if most go to predictions, good luck
  8. Re: Messi the only players i would accept in a 2 player part exchange would be No GK (dont see the point in a high GK) Vidci, Pique, Cheilini, Ramos defenders De rossi, Essien, Maybe Felthcher (will Rise), Fabregas, Sniejder, Xavi and SCHWEINSTEIGER, Mids Ineista, Ronaldo, Robben, Torres, Roney, Villa, Aguero, STR Could you post your team so we can see what players can best suit your team
  9. Could you please post some young stars, i try to search but it never loads in safari. Ive got Neymar, bebe, ibrahima, PACHECO, Dani, BURDISSO, Guillermo, FIELDING, Frank, ROSE, Danny, LANSBURY, Henri, KING, Joshua
  10. Hiya, could you SM experts recommend me a X11 or more of young talent. Each player has to be under 5M ish due to tight budegt. If there at less top clubs then that would be great Ive got Matip, Poli, Shawcross, Ansaldi, AJAX's Erkisson (Spelling)
  11. Re: Site Down? working now with a little lagg but doable
  12. Re: Site Down? still down for me....:mad:
  13. Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Nice one geeza will rep
  14. Re: Respuesta: Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Thanks mate, so are these definite risers?
  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Recommend a DM who will rise from 90 to 91 or more
  16. Re: Site Down? Give em a break, TBH after a new release there are going to be new bugs as there are thousands of us and only a few of them. Site was okay around 8am where i could log on but gradually got slow and now has stopped. I really wanted to see the new ratings but will have to wait. Also my match results in old league take 2 or more hours to come through lol
  17. Re: After a Keeper / CB that will rise from 90/91/92/93 etc
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