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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Take a look at my squad http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1052323&clubid=22712616&sid=38316 what needs boosting? GK? lol its x11 is really good I think i should get rid of MASCHERANO and get an alternative like alonso/diarra or essian - 3 kings of dm
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Okay so should i do Higuain who should rise due to his goals and Nasri or say 30M?
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should i sell Torres for Higuain and Navas. Im in fair of torres dropping due to Liverpool while Both players offered are in for a rise
  4. Any LB rising to 91/92+ all the evras are tied up and need a quality LB wgo can rise. Could Maxwell go back up?
  5. Thought he would rise last time but didnt. This time he wont due to injuries. Currently i have Rooney and Pandev and always play better and score more. I have a bid of £50 and Montolivo. Should i sell him? Also with that Money i can get Xavi as i have an agreed negioation of £40M + Laas Diarra. My squad is full of injuries and needs boostig. Wants your thoughts?
  6. Re: Hulk and Balotelli +8 mil for Vidic TBH owen doesnt have a future unlike the other STR your offering
  7. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Opinion of Pato to 93? shocked that he didnt last time. Also Montolivo of Florintina to 92 maybe? What are Florintina playing at lol
  8. Re: Should I sell Benzema for 40M ?
  9. Re: Need help on Defenders...Who to buy??
  10. Re: Should I sell Benzema for 40M ? Depends on your Gameworld. What areas of your team need improving with how much you can spend on these players. I would Counter offer for some players in security of that 40M doing jack in terms of high quality
  11. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo --> Rooney+Vidic
  12. Re: Hulk and Balotelli +8 mil for Vidic Yes great for you but **** for the seller of vidic, has he accepted?
  13. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo --> Rooney+Vidic Do it, you know it make sense. Rooney to 97, Vidic to Stay while Ronny won't rise and two great players is better than one.
  14. Only basis on next rating changes not on Long term future Senna 93 (Villareal) MONTOLIVO 91 (florentina) Jean MAKOUN 91 (Lyon) Kim KALLSTROM 91 (Lyon) Alou DIARRA 91 (Bord) Basically if non will rise then i will go for Senna 93 If Senna decreases to 92 then who is the best long term or next rating change. i just dont want to make stupid signing. Many thanks
  15. Re: The 90+ Rated Risers & Droppers (2010)
  16. Re: The 90+ Rated Risers & Droppers (2010) Should i bother keeping asenjo and swap g for Filipe?
  17. Re: Why would this transfer bid be rejected ? Try again, sometimes the chairman adjusts prices if he had recently played well so when you place your bid of X it now may need to be X+1 as thats the new value
  18. Re: Tactics Help Thread Just a quick Question when playing a formation such as 4 2 3 1. Can the Middle 3(AM) be a Striker such as Fabiano or Pato as Gourcuff is Tired I prefer not to experiment with my team as points are vital
  19. Basically looking for a rising striker, midfielder and Defender from Italy and Spain that is around 80-85 who will rise to 87+ if possible. This is due me blowing all my money and not enough players for cup games
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