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  1. Re: Messi for £50m plus Di Maria and Pato Also, tried to post a message about this on the 'news feed' for the game world, got a response saying that messages cannot be over 500 characters, pasted it into word and it was only 300 characters?! SM can f*ck off as far as I'm concerned. If the deal goes thru I'm going to get in touch with UK trading standards about their comments of 3 ratings changes per year on the main leagues, then nothing for nearly a year. Surely a lie to get people to part with their money, which is illegal.
  2. Is it me or is this deal a farce? This deal was offered and agreed within minimum timescale by two teams who had UK accounts created within two days of each other - several years ago. It stinks...several teams have made genuine and better bids in the past. No way does this deal add up. I've had enough of deals like this and SM doing nothing about it - have reported it to SM but don't expect to hear back other than the usual 'SM has things in place to monitor blah blah'... any thoughts?
  3. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Has anyone a link to the statement from SM that says "we'll review the big leagues three times a year", as well as any date info on the last time these leagues were done? If a company sells you something (ie membership) on the guarantee that something will happen (updates three times a year) then they are contractually obliged to follow this through. Otherwise, they could leave themselves open to complaints for mis-selling (or similar), which may lead to potential refund / reimbursement, and trading standards complaints and intervention. Just to play devil's advocate, would SM users be willing to go down this route?
  4. Have had the offer of managing a club with a better first team, plenty of money but not much youth. Here's the info on my team and the offered team, let me know which club you'd choose between the two: Current Team: Chelsea (Squad Value: £570m, Cash: Not much!) Starting Lineup (Ave Rating: 92, Ave Age: 24): Cech Kompany – Hummels – Coentrao Di Maria – Gotze - Muller - Bale Ozil Villa - Neymar Other key players / prospects: Walker, Terry, Muniain, Balotelli, Shaqiri, Jones, Sakho, Falcao, Mvila, De Gea, Reus, Varane, Draxler, Callejon, Griezmann, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Zaha, Ince, Butland, Sterling, Powell New Team: Real Madrid (Squad Value: £409m, Cash: £200m) Starting Lineup (Ave Rating: 94, Ave Age: 27): Casillas Ramos – Pepe - Cole Pedro – Hazard - Alonso - Marcelo Ronaldo Higuain - Benzema Other key players / prospects: Song, Hulk, Isla, Krasic, Albiol, Bonucci, Rafael da Silva, Montoya, and nobody else I’d really be interested in! Am inclined to keep my Chelsea team due to the depth of squad and youth, but am aware this could be built up over time if I chose Real Madrid. Any thoughts....?! Many thanks!!
  5. Straight swap, who would you choose?
  6. Re: Just received a bid for Villa... Have tried, other manager has countered with the original deal, Neymar plus £10m. Just for reference, my other forwards are Etoo, Reus, Llorente. Any other opinions?
  7. Been offered Neymar and £10m for Villa, I know he's been injured and is almost 31, but I'd thought Villa might be good to keep for a bit, even if he drops...? Thing is, I'd probably regret it if Neymar goes 91>92>93 while Villa goes 95>94>93, and is then 32ish and on the decline! Any thoughts? The other guy also has players like Coentrao, Mvila, and Khedira who I'd be interested in, or is the original bid one which I should be considering?
  8. Re: Need help with this offer ASAP!! Thanks for the comments, I've accepted the deal as it looks like a fair trade. Thanks again!
  9. Would you give Pedro and Balotelli for Benzema? The offer's on the table so need a quick response!
  10. Re: Would you say this was cheating...?
  11. Right, here's the info in the ticket I raised: I wish to report the transfer of Howedes from FC Shalke 04 to Everton which completed on 22nd May. On 20th May, I offered £30 million for Howedes. On 21st May, the Everton manager offered Taiwo plus £4m cash for Howedes. As Taiwo is valued at £8m and Howedes at £12m, this represents a minimum bid agreed between two managed clubs. Furthermore, Taiwo is older (27) and has a lower rating (89) than Howedes (24/90), who is one of the best German prospects at the moment. Considering the transfer was for the minimum amount when there was a significantly higher offer made, I believe this to be cheating between the two managers. And here's the rather typical response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our Automated Transfer Monitoring System (ATMS) has not picked up any cheating in relation to the reported managers and transfers. The ATMS is highly tuned to look into several factors to see if the managers in question are cheating. So, whats the verdict of the jury?
  12. Re: SM Credits The more accounts someone creates, the more credits they collate, the more gold memberships they're likely to buy...hmmm its all starting to make sense
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