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  1. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Few players i was wondering about whether the initial rating you predicted for them are still the same. Bargfrede is playing regularly for werder bremen so surely is worth an 85 no? also moritiz and schmitz of schalke or diekmeier of nuremburg? How will they turn out?
  2. Was wondering who were the major risers in the ligue 1? Whether they are +8 or so or those pushing from 87/88 to the 90 mark?
  3. Who are the major belgian risers from the ratings changes coming soon? Also I would wonder the opinion from everyone that dembele didnt rise in the dutch ratings changes. I thought its was ridiculous!!!
  4. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 This may have been asked before and I'm sorry if thats the case but i was wondering is Sissoko of Toulouse has a chance of even making 90? He is playing excellently for toulouse and is called into the france squad again. Is this possible? Keeping in mind gignac is at toulouse and is 90 proving its possible to have a 90 at a team like toulouse! Was also wondering about the following? Sertic of Bordeaux? Tafer of Lyon? Corchia of Le Mans? If anyone has any other recommendations of 85 approx rated players that could turn into 88/89/90 players let me know :p
  5. Re: Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez What rating do we think Medhi will be after the belgian ratings changes?
  6. Re: Romelo Lukaku So what do we expect him to rise to in the next ratings changes?
  7. Re: Kieran Smith and James Prikee's Rating Predictions of the Eredivise What about Toby Alderweireld and his chances of making an 86 perhaps? After all he is starting regularly for ajax at the back and is playing very well
  8. Re: Internazionale Rating Changes by Edox What about Arnautovic?
  9. Marko Arnautovic is a player who showed alot of promise last season within the dutch league but who is he playing for inter? Is he playing at all? What will his rating be when the Italy ratings are changed?
  10. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. Please do time is ticking Also could you tell me how Eric Bicfavli, Alexandru Iacob, Razvan Ochirosii, Mihai Onicas?
  11. Re: Golden Oldies Pires hasnt been starting for Villereal has he? I was considering signing him for a 5.8million deal. Would that be a good decision? All opinions would be appreciated
  12. Re: West Ham Football club Ratings What about Zavon hines? Surely he is due a massive rise?
  13. How will Robert Pires, David James and Ludovic Guily be affected by the ratings changes coming their way?
  14. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. You said you were updating the rest of the romanian league's ratings. When will this be ready?
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