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  1. I'm getting a new CB soon so I'm wondering who to sell. Lescott, I guess?
  2. Re: Young(<25) and able to rise RB Thanks guys. Got Abate.
  3. VDW is taken in my EC so I'm looking for an external backup to Dani Alves. I'm thinking of Trasch, Vertonghen(Def) or Howedes(but he's not an RB). Alderweireld, Beck? It's a fairly new one so anyone below 90 except VDW is available. Btw how do I deal with: If other players are offered in the deal then the Ajax Chairman will accept no less than 15,720,000. If other players are offered in the deal then your Chairman will decrease this amount to 15,134,000. ?
  4. Re: Yaya Toure 93 + 5 mill = Pepe 93
  5. Re: Need players who can play both CM/DM, CB Jeremy Toulalan, Yaroslav Rakytskiy, Mussachio, Lorik Cana, Stefan Reinartz, Aurelian Chedjou, Kader Mangane. Those are all I found at 89-91(plus the other players listed above). If those are taken then look at the 87-88 ones(search option is CB) and sort them by position. Also check free agents, maybe a hidden surprise?
  6. Re: Rank the following players IMO: Cavani Rossi Pato Balotelli Lavezzi Dzeko Robinho Falcao Schurrle Kroos. Dunno, I just seem to prefer him out of all those. Pato gets injured too often, Villareal aren't at their best atm, Balotelli has this attitude problem to clear out, etc. Hard to choose but I think Kroos since he's at a team who actualy competes in CL. He, as well as, Reus gets regular games so the only difference is basically CL.
  7. Re: Mata or Gotze Eh, I just noticed that Hazard is TB'd till 12th March since he was bought by Borussia Dortmund back on 1st January. :/
  8. Re: Mata or Gotze Alright, thanks guys. Getting Gotze first off.
  9. Re: Mata or Gotze Oh, thanks, MUTD. Hazard is available, too. So it's now Mata, Gotze or Hazard.
  10. I'm in need of a winger. Dortmund and Chelsea are both unmanaged. So who should I get or do you have better suggestions? It's quite a dilemma since I need someone to partner with David Silva. Foot shouldn't be a problem, right? I mean if I get Mata(left-footed) and I have Silva who's also a left-footed player, will it matter if I play either on the right wing (and the other one on the left)?
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread If you're being serious, get lost.
  12. Re: Balotelli or Pato Pato isn't having a great season(10 matches, 1 goal in Serie A) and gets injured way too often. Every 7 days I'd say and he has an injury at the time of writing of this post. Anyway, he's still higher-rated than Mario. Balotelli on the other hand has been doing well with Man City most of the time he's playing(15 matches, 9 goals in Premier League). Also he and Dzeko are competing for that place next to Aguero in the Starting 11 so it doesn't look like he's not getting any playtime. It's a tough choice but I'd go for Balotelli.
  13. I'm kinda looking for a right back. I've got Richards and Zabaleta in my Man City and I think I should sell Zabaleta for a higher-rated RB. Exclude Alves, Ramos, Lahm, Puyol. Sagna is injured. So, I could go for Maicon or Ivanovic since the 91 RBs don't look very promising. Maicon, Ivanovic or someone else? Also, I guess I should do the same with Kolarov or Clichy(selling one of them to get a higher-rated LB, atm Ashley Cole is available). But I'm not sure since I dunno who plays more and has a chance of rising - Clichy or Kolarov?
  14. Re: Tevez for who? Thank you!
  15. Re: Tevez for who? Anyone? Tevez or Ibra? Who's a better buy?
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