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  1. Re: What tactics for this team? so....the 424 didn't work? if you ask for help, at least give some feedback
  2. Re: To counter 4-5-1?? 352, 4231 - should do, especially if it's unmanaged
  3. marci

    4 2 4

    Re: 4 2 4 i used it very good against better teams.....of course, what matters is also their tactics
  4. marci

    4 2 4

    Re: 4 2 4 i did, and i think it's great, if you have the neccesary players very offensive tactic i broker the records of highest scoring with each team i used it
  5. Re: Need help with my team based on your team.....i'd play with 424 very att this is the best way for you to benefit for the strong fw line and keep the opponent away from your goal try it: 424 very att, pressing allover, hard tackling, tight marking that should do it!
  6. Re: Looking for advice in changing tactics. 352 should do, maybe 451 against very powerfull rivals i also used 424 very att against much better teams, with success but u should choose your tactic based on your opponent also
  7. Re: Best Attacking Formation no tactic is infailible, of course i offered my att formation, you can use it or not. study it or not it's working for me, and is acording to my principles. for instance: i never use short passing + counteratt counteratt + playmaker everyone should use what he thinks is good for him, not just replicate others tactics
  8. Re: Best Attacking Formation hy, i usualy play att/very att it works pretty well, if you combine it with short passing, fast tempo and pressing allover. of course, this you will have to set according to your team/opponent. also, i use tight marking. if i have a good team (and wing) i play 424 (lots of goals) if the team is weaker i play 451 def, but never changing the instructions. hope it helps.
  9. Re: What would you do with this if you intend to use this players, and not to buy any others....that think 442 diamond suits you very well it's the best formation when you don't have a good middle u should play att or very att, short and fast, with pressing allover instead on spending money to see if they suite you, try this first. then, you can built on it.
  10. Re: Can't get Toronto to win...? by the way....i consider 352 an alibi formation if you want to learn how to play, don't use 352
  11. Re: Can't get Toronto to win...? don't expect instat results, that's wrong i wouldn't mind so much for the formation as for the instructions (there few formations that i never use, because i don't like them) for instance: you hev the best player in the game, and he's an attacker: make him your targetman you have one of the best midd - make him your playmaker having a 93 formation....go for attack good middf and att, play with less def players (defenders or dm) goood middfield? play fast/short passing of course, u should build on this....not stick to them don't expect to win just be
  12. Re: Help: Struggling man city hy, i am managing mancity with great success usig 424 it has great players for this formation i use: v att, short, fast, all over tight marking and play offside tell me how it works for you
  13. Re: How to beat 4-5-1 442, 352, 4231, 3412......and many more, depending on lots of stuff
  14. Re: Brainstorm! I need lil help here. hy, it's hard to build a team only by naming players look at the opponents. how do you want/need to play? is he better? play on the counter, solid def and midfield is he weaker? play on possesion, attacking, with good midfield and attackers. of course, some will say 352 (no matter what) and then put the best lineup. choose only on needs, not on names.
  15. Re: Countering 4-2-2-2! you're welcome! what did you use? 433 or 4231?
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