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  1. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread I hope he doesn't go but as with Clyne i feel its more a matter when than if they go. I think our Defence is one of the strongest in the league easily top 6 as a unit its just the real quality that we lack infront of it that lets us down. Forster Clyne - Fonte - Alderweireld - Bertrand Wanyama - Schneiderlin There's individuals i think that are better but as a unit together i can see why we concede so few goals. Think we need to buy a goal scoring striker in the summer. As well as Pelle done early season i don't think he can cut it in the prem and while Long and Mane played well today i feel Mane is better off the striker and Long isn't going to get us 15-20 a season although he is a great option in certain matches.
  2. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread RIP FUT in its current state, time to scrap the coins for FUT 16 i feel sad but if EA are serious about stopping coin sellers then its time they just eradicated them completely.
  3. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread People who still have a dig at Stoke for playing rubbish football are morons. Its hardly Barce esq but its alot nicer than the stuff they used to play! Our result was huge yesterday deserved the win so i didnt really mind that it came in the last few minutes. Mane looks a completely different prospect off the striker. He started the season poorly on the wing but ever since we've utilised him through the middle he's been outstanding. Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and mane
  4. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I sold Ibra, Hazard, Di Maria , Modric and a couple of other 10-20k players picked up SIF Sanchez for 850k and SIF Silva for 465k , Sanchez has already re-rose to 1.3m
  5. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Dont even care about coins anymore just buying and selling bored of the market being rubbish and bored of the game tbh. Just buying who i like when i like and not worrying about the $$$ Gunna buy this SIF Sanchez as i want to try him everyones dumped him and hes now 800k if he goes up great if he crashes w/e
  6. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I'll let you know mate Played one scored one so not t bad so far
  7. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Paid 2.4m for my Messi yesterday and listed him today for 3.35m thinking someone may accidentally buy him instead of one for 2.4 and they did... sort of crappy feeling but i now have 3m i spose
  8. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Yeah no way does that Di Maria not go for like 2/3m+ think of him, Messi , IF Aguero + Sif Tevez 4222
  9. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread cant see Kroos being 1m+ Iniesta was around 750 last year so i think its possible if you buy pre strikers crash
  10. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Yeah that Di Maria looks insane! I caved and built my team didnt get the deals i wanted but was bored of waiting to try messi haha!
  11. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread hahaa you're doing well mate! :p
  12. Ashh

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread Why don't you like 'foreigners' though? Surely a man is a man and a women is still a women be they Black or White? Were humans ***. Just because members of a race/religion decide to use that as a reason for hatred we should brand them all with the same brush? I despair at you and your closed mindedness and ancient thought process.
  13. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I'm gunna have just over 2.7 +my free Robben hoping i can get this Any ideas what you're gunna do with 4?
  14. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Thats mad considering his lowest bin is 22k might try my luck and list high grabbed them all for 16k so not much to lose if i wait a bit! Lloris jumped to 230 bought for 180 Rooney 505 bought for 440 x2 Robben 460 bought for 410 x2 thats crazy ahahah
  15. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread damn is that the mass listing technique? i used to mass buy then re list and used to get 5-10 sales an hour! Really havent been trading much lately got to a comfortable coin amount about 2m and just cba but want to get back into it! Hopefully i can turn some profit pre TOTY and build a beast side.
  16. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Taken a risk and invested: 5x IF young 17k each 2x IF Rooney 440k each 2x Robben 410k each 4x IF Lallana 21k each 1x Thiago Silva 27k 1 x IF Lloris 180k pray for me Hoping the weekend serge in price coupled with the fact special packs are over until toty means i can make some quick $$$$$
  17. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread can any of you lads think of a team either 3-4-2-1*/4-3-3(5) or 4-3-2-1 which costs around 2.2M (post crash so take about 20% off players prices i'd say) + I Have Robben best i've come up with so far are: http://www.futhead.com/15/squads/14367553/ Thinking of something with the back 3 of either Chiellini/Ramos/Boateng/Silva and build forwards from there Fill the gaps - Robben doesnt have to be full chem just needs 1 strong link to get to seven everyone else i'd prefer on 9/10 If any of you can think of something lmk i'm stuck haha
  18. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Its in all the 5 back formations mate! and you can switch him to lb
  19. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread we defended brilliantly apart from the Hazard goal but who could stop that (except clyne ofc ) Pleased with the point. Penalty or not Chelsea managed 1 shot on target not good enough tbh. Still think they're far and away the best side in the division anyways and should be champs come may.
  20. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread he's my fave player on ut this year (havent tried cr7 or messi) and was going back in my squad once the price drop happened anyways so was well chuffed
  21. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Pulled Robben in them free mega's so was pretty pleased
  22. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Would have to completely disagree with the CM suggestions. Lahm is by far and away the best cm i've used this year. On the face of things he does little in the way of spectacular but he does the job of a ball winning midfielder perfectly and always seems to be in the right places. Gundogan on the other hand felt rather average in comparison and would suit a formation that didnt so heavily rely on retaining of the football. IF shaqri also for me just didnt live up to his stats, just felt like his RM card moved to CAM and was no where close to Muller (maybe due to play style). Wouldn't put Schweinstiger in the backline when you have Boateng and Hummels as well as Benetia much better options. For RB i agree Pizceck is a bit of a let down but hes solid. I'd say the best option at RB for a bundisliga side is Diekmeier, only 73 rated but a fantastic RB with the perfect work rates for the formation as well as being strong over 90 pace and 6'2 used him for abour 40 games and in game he felt no different to any of the high rated golds i've had in the full back positions.
  23. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I've used all 3 not together in that formation though. Shaqri was good but felt like just a centralised version of his normal card, Robben is my face player on this years card be it on the wing or as an st, He suited the false 9 perfectly as his high/low work rate meant he pushed forward alot more and allowed the CF to do alot more of the creative work. Ribery for me was disappointing i felt for the coins Reus was alot better although as a LW in that formation i can see him being useful. Personally if you want to keep it all Bayern upfront stick with Ribery out wide if not change him to Reus. I'd change Shaqri to IF Muller and play him as a CF as he would suit the role alot better in my opinion and Robben is a must have. I'd say build it with whoever is the most expensive out of Shaqri and Muller, then sell up and buy the other if you don't like the previous player. Both are very different so suit different play styles. Shaqri - Messi like (nowhere close though just style) Muller is more back to goal hold up play for the wingers.
  24. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Going to try and build this during TOTY need to pull some pretty decent cards but its the dream
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