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  1. Hi all, I am new to SM and am Real Madrid in a new WC league and cant seem to get a win to save my life. I have only won one game so far and lost 4 and are bottom of the league. Have tried a few different formations all without any luck. I have signed Villa, Terry and Pato so far and sold a few of the fringe players but none of my big names. Here is my team... what formation and tactics would you suggest? GK - CASILLAS, Iker 96 LB - MARCELO, Vieira 90 RB - SERGIO RAMOS, García 94 CB - TERRY, John 95 CB - PEPE, Ferreira 93 CB - ALBIOL, Raúl 92 DM/CM - XABI ALONSO 94 DM/CM - DIARRA, Mahamadou 93 DM/CM - DIARRA, Lass 91 AM - KAKA, Ricardo 97 Wing/Fwd - RONALDO, Cristiano 98 Fwd/Wing - BENZEMA, Karim 93 Fwd/Wing - HIGUAIN, Gonzalo 92 Fwd - DAVID VILLA, Sánchez 96 Fwd/AM - RAUL, González 95 Fwd - PATO, Alexandre 92 Any help would be much appreciated. Big thanks
  2. Hi, I'm confused when do player ratings actually happen? This is SM schedule for changes... Main Rating Changes ScheduleSection League(s) 1. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica & Uruguay. 2. Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia & Macedonia. 3. Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland & Romania. 4. Austria, Denmark, Czech Rep, Germany, Netherlands & Slovakia. 5. Belgium, France & Switzerland. 6. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales. 7. Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey 8. Portugal, Italy & Spain. Is this a weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule? We're on stage 3 at the moment so when for example will English league changes happen, will this be in 3 weeks if its a weekly schedule for example. Sorry if this is an obvious question but new to SM and just a little confused. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I am Bolton in new English league set up and have 20 million left. Looking at buying either CB or defensive CM or both. Any recommendations please? My current team is... GK - Jaaskelainen LB - Cissokho CB - Cahill (Looking to replace) CB - Pique RB - Steinsson LM - Taylor CM - Muamba (looking to replace) CM - Gourcuff RM - Ben Arfa FW - Dzeko FW - Jovetic Cheers
  4. Re: Can wingers play at right or left midfield? Thanks. I'll go ahead and complete the signing.
  5. Hi I am new to this and am looking at buying Hatem Ben Arfa who is a winger but play him at right or left midfield in a standard 4-4-2 formation. Can wingers play in this position or am i better going for a player who has the position RM or LM? Thanks for your help.
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