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    tqhamilton got a reaction from A2R in AM - Below 78   
    Re: AM - Below 78
    ozobic,rafinha,van ginkel,walter chala,fortounis,luiz vander will all probably rise
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    tqhamilton got a reaction from wasa in Young DM   
    Re: Young DM
    he has been linked to a few big clubs but if you need the money sell him to an unmanaged team that way when you get cash you can always try and buy him back
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    tqhamilton got a reaction from chelseachelsea in Young talents 84-87   
    Re: Young talents 84-87
    all the obvious ones,wellington silva.tomas kalas.matija nastasic,mattia destro,federico fernandez,armin bacinovic. they are not on yur list
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