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  1. Re: Great Clubs Available! I just won my first game ..we totally dominated Milan and we should have scored more..watch out guys im coming for that title
  2. Mya

    Transfer bug ?

    Re: Transfer bug ?
  3. Mya

    Transfer bug ?

    Re: Transfer bug ?
  4. Mya

    Transfer bug ?

    Re: Transfer bug ?
  5. I just took over Milan in setup :World Championship 6298;game id :29167 . There were deals in place for Nesta,Borrielo &Huntelar . it says they all collapsed yet the players moved to thoes clubs ?What can i do ?I want them back especcially Nesta &Huntelar Please help .
  6. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread I would like to manage Real Madrid IN A NEW SETUP please ,thanks
  7. Re: New setup : Italian 376 Or never mind .
  8. Post your favorites old or new : -Friends, best tv show ever made not one episode is boring. -One tree hill , first 4 seasons are really good ,tends to get crappy after that -Supernatural ,loving it so far minus some episodes that were there just to pass the time ..like the last one -the vampirie diaries : its a new show ,starts a bit slow but i like it so far (ots not like that twilight stuff.
  9. Re: Great Clubs Available! Hy there , I have applied for Chelsea ,please accept .
  10. Re: My Music Thread - Blazin' Hip-Hop, R&B and D&B Hey guys check this out : wXfHX0SlyMM My favorite dub step song
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    Re: 80s -> 90s, Must Keep Players and The 90 - Droppers 10x for making this thread ,much appreciated
  12. Mya

    New "in town":)

    Re: New "in town" Oh its on buddy 10x for the welcome people.
  13. Re: Who will win the Uefa Champions League? Im hoping that we (Fiore )win it..but its a long shot . If i were to bet on some one i would say Chelsea ,they got really close in the last few years and now they have Ancelloti ..if that guy is good at something its knock out rounds .
  14. Mya

    New "in town":)

    Hey guys im Mya new to the game ,just wanted to say hi to everybody . My favorite club is Fiorentina ,any other viola fans around?
  15. Re: Sam wg's world, apply for clubs! Hey, Is Fiorentina still available ?I just joined the game today and i can`t find a good setup with Fiore in it (its my favorite team )
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