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    Play football, Love football, also trying to get into DJ'ing and currently cracking my brain over Un
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    Football, Basketball, sports in general Music,
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    Knock off Nige
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  1. MiscMan

    Heather or Shirley

    Re: Heather or Shirley
  2. MiscMan

    Heather or Shirley

    Re: Heather or Shirley
  3. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Into the West by Annie Lenox, nice song actually.
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I keep watching Drogba's goal again and again. What a goal. Well you have Man Utd next, good luck.
  5. Re: ATTENTION: The Scousers Have Been Brainwashed!
  6. Re: Clichy or Lahm? I'd only go for Lahm because he is a regular international.
  7. MiscMan

    Heather or Shirley

    or if you absolutely had to:D.
  8. MiscMan

    Your IQ

    Re: Your IQ There's one on testq.com.
  9. MiscMan


    Re: Christmas I see even learning that Jolly ol Saint Nick is not enough to discourage people:p. We're getting a new tree this year and I've asked for new boots and a car.
  10. MiscMan

    Your IQ

    It turn out I have a 120 IQ score, Whats yours?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cheers, i only have 3 strikers so I thought I might sell him if he is dropping and buy 2 that will rise but no worries:o.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Guissepe Rossi sell or not?
  13. MiscMan

    X Factor 2009

    Re: X Factor 2009 He probably isn't and I don't care if he is. I just was wondering what Dannii mean't so I checked it. Was quite an uneccessary thing for her to say though.
  14. Re: pLAYER iNJURED As long as he does not have NMF written. I'd personally wait till he is 100% again.
  15. MiscMan

    X Factor 2009

    Re: X Factor 2009 I hope Kandy Rain go. Apparently Danyl is bi.
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