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  1. Re: Bunch of deals? Berbatov(93) + Milner(90) + (Diaby) + £30m = Etoo(96) ?? Etoo would replace Berba, i have enough money easily, and Diaby is reserves and Milner is bench. Good deal?
  2. Re: Bunch of deals? which one's would you do?
  3. Firstly; Van Bommel(92) = Frings(92) + £10m. Diego Perotti(89) = £21m.* Berbatov(93) + £25m = Eto'o(96) or Villa(96) My players are in bold. *Could possible get Hazard for around 13m after.
  4. Re: EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars I have been playing 2 weeks. Currently i have 28k. I have bought some bronze/silver packs, and i have bougt 2 gold packs. Yes they are 65k each. Team... De Sanctis 78 Cagara 68 - Gasteldella 76 - Marchese 72 Ji Sung Park 77 - Andrea Pirlo 81 - Carlos Eduardo 77 - Luis Jimenez 77 - Dan Gosling 76 Eduardo 84 - Adriano 81 Gold players are 75+, Silver are 65+ I have 2 gold keepers. Level 16, close to 17. Team rating - 85. Grandstand stadium. In the Amateur A league. There is 30 matches in the league, i need to win 5 more. And i have also beaten 4 Premier league teams; WBA, Blackpool, Wigan and Newcastle. Once you're in the bigger leagues, you start to gain more money. Like 1,500 per match. So it doesnt take that long to reach 50k+.
  5. Re: Liverpool Help-Transfers and Tactics. 4-2-3-1 OPTION 1 Julio Cesar95 Maicon95 - Samuel93 - Albiol92 - Lahm 94 Mascherano94 - Veloso91 Ribery95 - Iniesta96 - DavidSilva93 Torres96 OPTION 2 Julio Cesar95 Maicon95 - Ramos94 - Albiol92 - Lahm94 Mascherano94 - Pique94 Ribery95 - Rooney96 - Iniesta96 Torres96 Overall, if you do choose option 1, then you still have a weak DM, and okay defenders. If you choose option 2, you get a better attack with Rooney, and a solid defensive mid pairing of Pique and Masch. Overall option 2 is 7 ratings better.
  6. Re: Should i sell Ludovic Sane now?
  7. Re: Should i sell Ludovic Sane now? Badstubers already gone. Thanks for the prediction on Bonucci.
  8. I am Queens Park in a Scottish championship. End of the first season and i'm in Division 3 now ;D I only had a 8m transfer budget and spent it on risers. I now have Eriksen, Liestienne and a few Korean players who have risen. Aswell as Hottor, Phil Jones, Meyler and a few others. A player who has just risen (ludovic sane) is now worth £8,730,000. He's my highest rated player but if i sold him at that price i could get Bonucci(86) then buy more risers. Should i sell him, and who should i buy as a replacement or are there any other massive risers around 75-80? Thanks.
  9. Guti straight swap for Van Bommel 90 = 92 Kjaer + 10m for Pique 89 + 10m = 92 Samuel straight swap for Abidal 92 = 93 Balotelli + 5m for Forlan 89 + 5m = 94 Which ones should i do and avoid? Thanks in advance.
  10. Brazilian championship 1003 Its a relatively new set-up and it is closing to the end of its first season. Only 3 managed clubs out of a possible 20. Teams that have gone; Cruzeiro - Corinthians - Atletico Mineiro - At the start the league was challenging but more and more people faded off. Theres 5 more games to go till the end of the season so it will give you time to build a squad/team for next season. Please join and make it a competitive setup.
  11. I wa wondering which DEF players will change position in their next changes. Last year i bought Puyol, and played him left back, then after a few weeks he changed to CB/RB. So i want to know which of them will change, and if theres any players who will change to DEF. Javier Zanetti? Hieko Westermann? John Hietinga? Nicolas Burdisso? Jerome Boateng? Martin Caceres?
  12. Summr002


    Re: Hello Welcome mate. Just a tip on signings. Try and stay away from players who don't have a club, as eventually their rating will decrease. On the forum, theres a lot of threads showing players who are rising at the moment or in the future. Try - David Meyler - Sunderland - 74 going to 82 Phil Jones - Blackburn - 75 - 83 Ludovic Sane - Bordeux - 75 - 83 Theres a lot of youngsters who are going to rise loads. You just need to look for them on the forum.
  13. Re: Summer Transfer Rumors Thread 2010 They don't anymore. The deal was they had first option and if they matched anyones offer they'd get him' date=' plus they'd have him for 25% less. So if we solf him for 20m they'd have him for 15m. All that went out of the window when they signed young Belgium defender Ritchie De Laet off us. Who never made an appearance for us, but has played for them in the cup and occasionally in the league. Something going on there.
  14. Re: Lower Rated World Cup Teams/Players Sorenson's injury will only keep him out of 2 games amazingly. He did dislocate his elbow but instead of undergoing surgery they "popped" it back in at half time. Obviously he's not fit right now or one shot and it could lead to a worse injury, but with the next game to rest he could play in the last game of the season against Man Utd. He'll be Denmark's number 1. And on his rating side of things he should go to 89 IMO. Another VERY impressive season with Stoke. We did have the equal best away defence in the league until Chelsea thrashed us 7-0.
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