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  1. Re: BOCCHETTI, Salvatore ???? hi thank you very much and have a happy holiday
  2. Re: BOCCHETTI, Salvatore ???? yes he is ... i am trading him for moussa sissoko as i need a DM ... i have enough defenders and buchetti is canavaro like defender ( i guess short but strong CB ) thanks
  3. hello guys ... this is another help request i have CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro, and enough cash to buy tasci ... so do you think it is better i give CHYGRYNSKIY and get tasci? who is better? in the game and the real life ... who is going to get a rise? i dont know why i feel tasci is better thank you
  4. Hi guys since we are so close to the holidays ... merry christmas and happy new year ... and all the best to you in the coming years i am looking for a DM for my madrid, available players like Veloso who is DM/CB make me confused ... is he going to stay a DM or not other DMs i have are lass and westermann (D/DM and i wish he will be a DM soon and not become something else because i am using him as a DM but a sub for Lassa ) i can buy veloso now ... but is he going to stay ( at least ) same rating and position or there is some change to the worse ... like a drop in rating or a change to
  5. hi guys .. i have this in my squad ... sell him now? is he worth keeping ... or will get +1 he is over 21 and not playing for my club that much ( he is extra ) which means the concern system will show on him ... sell or keep ?
  6. Re: Rafinha hi the german young RB called andeas BECK who plays for hoffenhiem my advice use a good cb as rb or play 3 defenders .... ahh and u can use D like hietinga, boateng and westermann
  7. Re: DM help,o very big problem hi what about alo diarra of bordoux ... he is 91 rated dm/cm and what about mavouba ? any other players u could tell me about from external clubs in european game world?
  8. Re: The Fitness Issue - Will it EVER be fixed??? hi man i think with player concerns SM pushing the condition up faster ... i am SM member since really long time ( not a forumer ) and i notice that ... you will see very small number of player unfit in 8 teams a division for results against the unfit teams ... man i remember a team entered even the keeper not fully fit in league match ( after cup match ) and the team all under 60% , my team was fully fit ... that team lost 4-0 in cup , 4-0 in the match before cup and won 1-0 against me ! why i lost 1-0 ? hmmm fixed results? the solution
  9. Re: is Trezeguet worth buying? thank you ... i also voted for seftinho ( followed your link ) ... where is he btw ... not seeing him posting for a while i will go for trezeguet ... thank you for the advice ... 2 old strikers but good scorers ... national team players ( i think trezeguet not in france as a regular anymore or quit ) thank you again ... he is u know in external for 14 million i think ... gona buy him
  10. Re: DM help,o very big problem hello thank you guys, but my problem still not solved as u all recommended CM/DM ... do they play well in the DM ... chance for becoming DM is more or less than turning to CM or CM/any in the future? this is why i am confused by the way i am in canada and i dont watch that much soccer matches ... maybe goals or highlights ... or nothing ... first it is the time zone ... second is my life so busy ... third reason is that i dont have TV ! thanks
  11. Hello my oldest player is DI Natale ... do you think Trezequet worth buying? he is also old , but not sure if he dropping or staying ... or is he increasing in rating soon? please let me know what do you think and is del piero a good option ? he is not important but sometimes i think about him because he is F/AM thank you
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