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  1. palacios


    Re: melo cheers pal. i might get rid of him now so.
  2. palacios


    alright lads. will melo drop or rise do you think. i believe he hasnt been playing great this season:confused:
  3. Re: Player Concerns This player concern is a joke. I have Carlton Cole in a game world and he is concerned that he wont get a call up for the England team.??????? I play him every game?????@? /
  4. di natale is on fire for me this season. do u think he will drop or stay at 93 in the italian ratings now? cheers lads:)
  5. Re: Division 4,3,2 no problem. Division 1 = problem Play all your DMs in a midfield 5. Play all your CBs in a back 3 quartet, a bit like this= ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬. Play a loan striker in a deep penetrating role, attacking from the wings a bit like this o /\ Hope this helps. Rep me.
  6. Re: Few questions im sorry but i dont understand your post. Thanks, Bud.
  7. Re: Hi Everyone Hi Andrew, Welcome to the forum pal.good lad:) Cheers, Bud.
  8. Re: Using all 3 substitutes :p:p:p:rolleyes::eek:
  9. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? WHAT A POST MAN. Amazing, you are getting so repped its unbelievable, this has made my christmas.
  10. Re: Domenico Criscito HELLO "BUDDY" get with the cheese!!!!!!! paul mcshane is ur man!!! lb or rb!!!!!!!!!!buy now "pal" NOW!:mad: PAUL THE MACHINE MCSHANE
  11. hi lads, is this guy worth buying. lugano (cb) plays for fenebache. thinking of swapping heinze and jagielka for him. i already have chivu and lescott. what ya's think?
  12. Re: di maria?!?! if valencia rises im goin to kill myself. he is brutal:o
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