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  1. Re: Few questions

    1.how can a rating of a player raise?

    2.what are the things that count on the dissapearing of an injury?how can you see if it's gonna last a lot or less?

    3.If a players it's young then he is going to have his condition low much heavier then an old player?

    im sorry but i dont understand your post.



  2. Re: Fernando NAVARRO

    Alright Lads' date='

    I need a little help here.

    What is the script on Fernando Navarro, is he worth a purchase?

    I have Vargas at left back but his position has changed to Lm/Lb.

    Or can you recommend any other LBs for me?



    stay away from marcelo pal. if i was you id go for someone solid like paul mcshane

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