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  1. Ok so just finished the first season with RM and i had about 50(useless) players come back to the team. I've put them all on sale for their minimum value. How long does it takes for the A.I to buy them usually? So far i didn't receive any bids(3 days have passed) and i am considering just releasing them to free up the wage bill.
  2. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? A.ILLARRAMENDI & R.JESÉ, any they worth keeping for my Madrid side? I don't need them atm or in the near future. Do they have at least 91 potential?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have both Benzema and Higuain and i'm only playing with a 1 striker formation..which one of them should i get rid off?
  4. Lets say a 92 rated player is valued 10 millions.The chairman will allow you to offer a maximum amount of 20 millions for him. Now one team bids for the player 20 millions. Another team bids 15 millions + a 90 rated player so in total the sum is 20 millions. Which team gets there bid accepted,and which rejected?
  5. Im gonna put a screen bellow with my team,ive put a standard 4-4-2 so you can guys see my best players and who do i have as reserves.So considering my team what formation would you guys play and what tactics would u use? Really need some help as i cant seem to get consistent results with anything i tried so far.
  6. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Do you guys think Ganso will finally hit 90 this rating or not?
  7. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) @ thread starter : what are you on about Milan having a higher average age?Are you stuck in 2008 or something? Also why would Ambrosini drop since he was in high form 90% the time he played?Pirlo may drop only if they go by the fact that he was injured,but when he played he played well. I hope SM dont go full ****** on Milan again,and Abate and Silva especially actually rise to proper levels this time around.
  8. Hey guys, Just started a new game with Milan,this is how my squad looks so far: Uploaded with ImageShack.us In short,ive got it Ganso,Nuer &Westerman and got rid of most of the extra dead wood. Now i have money left for Mamadou SAKHO or Yann M'VILA ..so who should i buy?Whos the better long term prospect ?
  9. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Silva not rising is a load of horse ****
  10. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 What does everyone make of Lewis HOLTBY ?Rising star or ?
  11. Re: Why is Ibrahimovici on loan in new game worlds????
  12. Re: Why is Ibrahimovici on loan in new game worlds????
  13. Re: Why is Ibrahimovici on loan in new game worlds???? ? It it is concrete that he will be a Milan player next season.
  14. Re: Why is Ibrahimovici on loan in new game worlds????
  15. Re: Why is Ibrahimovici on loan in new game worlds???? Its not a normal loan.Why dont you people get that?The loan is used just as a technicality.Ibra will be a Milan player next season also,his not just on loan.And yes im annoyed,i think its nonsense. I risk losing my player at the end of the season.A PLAYER THAT SHOULD ALREADY BE MINE.Why would i need to buy a player that Milan has already bough ?
  16. We all know (apparently not you guys at SM) that the loan was just a way for Milan to avoid paying the full transfer free up front.They are obligated to buy him at the end of the year otherwise they will pay a massive fine that would cost more then the transfer itself. Its foolish to think Milan wont buy him at the end of the season.Now whats going to happen on this game?When the loan ends what if the Barca manager wont let Ibra transfer ??? SM needs to FIX this problem ASAP.
  17. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Any chance of Schweinsteiger and Kiessling rising ?
  18. Re: Ok so this SMFA has the blocked the deal is getting stupid
  19. Re: Ok so this SMFA has the blocked the deal is getting stupid @ thnx guys for the info. Here`s something that defines how awful the SMFA system really is. In one of the game worlds im in a external team(Villarreal) made a bid for a player of FC Porto(team managed and in the league). Villarreal has made an offer reported to be around £12,597,000 for Honorato NILMAR of FC Porto. The player accepts and surprise surprise : The deal involving Villarreal and FC Porto regarding Honorato NILMAR has collapsed as the SMFA refuse to sanction such a deal.
  20. Re: Ok so this SMFA has the blocked the deal is getting stupid Ok so this is simply retarded. Another user joins ,yes his 40 and takes nothingam forest. Bids 3.6 for FEreira who i have on my transfer list and surprise surprise : "The deal involving Nottingham Forest and Chelsea regarding Paulo FERREIRA has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal. " am i not allowed to make deals with new users??????????????A few weeks back i was actually kicked out a league because of a deal with a new user.It was something among the lines 15 millions or 16 +Pippo for Ozil.(some jealous jack *** reported it ) In real life Ozil when for less,but yeah i acknowledge that in FM a experienced manager would not let him for peanuts .But its not my fault that some players are newbs. That was the only time something like that happened to me,i never cheeted ,my reputation is intact.And now i cant make deals with new users?Cause it seems that way. Its two deals already,FAIR deals and SMFA keeps blocking them.Im not overcharging ,so check the ******* IP`S before you block my deals constantly .
  21. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Some pathetic attempt at sarcasm ,i guess his one of does people who didn't watch a single game of T.Silva but love to talk ****.
  22. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings I hope T.Silva gets at least the 93 he deserves this season.He actually deserves to be 95 ,his on par with every central defender out there.
  23. Re: 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2? I keep seeing this all over the place..but the classic 4-4-2 works just fine for me,you just need to tweak it to suit your own players. I guess that actually goes for every formation out there.
  24. Re: Ok so this SMFA has the blocked the deal is getting stupid
  25. I recently took over Chelsea in :English Championship 7119.Ive put Nemanja Matic on sale for 2 millions !(his value is 1.9) and the leeds manager made a bid for 2 millions and SMFA blocked the deal. How would this be considered cheating ???
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