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  1. Re: is this deal good? HELP URGENT!! xavi hernandez is an external club so it should be no problem
  2. Re: is this deal good? HELP URGENT!! yup xavi hernandez of Barcelona. thanks a lot mate!
  3. Re: is this deal good? HELP URGENT!! i am letting carrick and pablo hernandez go.. xavi is at external club so it is okay?
  4. i offered michael carrick and pablo hernandez + 9.8m for xavi hernandez.. is it good?
  5. i was thinking to replace carlos kameni.. adler or neuer is better?
  6. any 10k risers to buy guys?
  7. im getting david villa for my man utd.. i must offer cash and players.. i have alot of wingers but out of these 3 who should i let go ? Nani Park Valencia my 2 other wingers that im keeping is pablo hernandez and juan mata HELP ME PLS! thanks!
  8. Re: young GK needed! HELP! thanks alot guys for the help! i think i go for bolat
  9. Re: young GK needed! HELP! okay thanks dude !
  10. i need a young and decent GK for my squad! who should i go for? help!
  11. Re: 17m + Balotelli for Adebayor i prefer balotelli. i have him in my team and he has been in great form.
  12. Re: CB needed! HELP URGENT! thanks alot guys, maybe i'll go for jerome boateng
  13. Re: CB needed! HELP URGENT! just a CB to cover up for ferdinand vidic and evans
  14. i've just sold bonera for 25.8 mill. who should i get to replace him? help pls!
  15. Re: which of these wingers should i buy? HELP ME PLS! thanks alot guys! so mata is the majority! so, i can get him by swapping with anderson? should i go for it? YES or NO? help help help! plsssssssss!
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