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  1. CASILLAS, Iker Gk 30 95 MARCELO, Vieira LB/LM 23 92 CAPDEVILA, Joan LB 33 91 MAICON, Douglas RB 29 95 RAMOS, Sergio RB/CB 25 94 PARSHIVLYUK, Sergey RB/RM 22 88 CHIELLINI, Giorgio CB/LB 26 94 PEPE, Ferreira CB/DM 28 93 MERTESACKER, Per CB 26 92 ALBIOL, Raúl CB 25 91 GARAY, Ezequiel CB 24 89 MASCHERANO, Javier DM/CM 27 93 DIARRA, Lass DM/CM 26 91 DE ROSSI, Daniele CM/DM 27 94 RAMIRES, Santos CM/RM 24 91 SNEIJDER, Wesley AM/CM 27 95 KAKA, Ricardo AM 29 94 RONALDO, Cristiano Wing/Fwd 26 98 ROBBEN, Arjen Wing/Fwd 27 94 VILLA, David Fwd 29 96 ETO'O, Samuel Fwd 30 96 HIGUAIN, Gonzalo Fwd/Wing 23 94 BENZEMA, Karim Fwd/Wing 23 93 KEIRRISON, Carneiro Fwd 22 87 Here is my Real Madrid team i`m currently playing 4-3-1-2,before i was using 4-2-3-1,but i cant win the league for second season in a row...If somebody could give me some options how i could be back to winning way with my squad...
  2. I need money to buy david Silva and i dont know wich ones from my youth team to sell... DELAC, Matej MBOLA, Emmanuel AZPILICUETA, César PARSHIVLYUK, Sergei TOLOI, Rafael ZEZINHO, Santos Pinto ZIEGL, Marcel WIJNALDUM, Georginio MARQUINHOS, Gonçalves FORBES, Ross DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza COUTINHO, Philippe ANANIDZE, Zhano SALVIO, Eduardo KEIRRISON, Carneiro NEYMAR, Silva MUNIAIN, Iker NOBLE-LAZARUS, Reuben LUKAKU, Romelo
  3. What players(lets say aged 17-20) do you think will be future superstars?
  4. kokoracas


    I need good CB Rated 90 and above who will rise or keep his rating.Can anyone help me with this?
  5. van der vart + raul for david villa? Good deal or no?
  6. kokoracas


    I`m looking for AM who will rise over 90 in a near future.Pls post any if you know.ty
  7. Re: My Real Madrid squad!!! I would like to buy a good defender over 95 so i need money.
  8. CASILLAS, Iker KAMENI, Carlos DELAC, Matej CAPDEVILA, Joan MARCELO, Vieira MBOLA, Emmanuel SERGIO RAMOS, García ARBELOA, Álvaro CORLUKA, Vedran AZPILICUETA, César PARSHIVLYUK, Sergei PEPE, Ferreira ALBIOL, Raúl GARAY, Ezequiel TOLOI, Rafael WESTERMANN, Heiko ZEZINHO, Santos Pinto MASCHERANO, Javier DIARRA, Mahamadou DIARRA, Lass ZIEGL, Marcel FORBES, Ross SNEIJDER, Wesley GAGO, Fernando RAMIRES, Santos WIJNALDUM, Georginio BUTTERFIELD, Jacob LIVERMORE, Jake KAKA, Ricardo GRANERO, Esteban MARQUINHOS, Gonçalves DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza COUTINHO, Philippe ANANIDZE, Zhano RONALDO, Cristiano ROBBEN, Arjen DAVID VILLA, Sánchez BENZEMA, Karim HIGUAIN, Gonzalo KEIRRISON, Carneiro NEYMAR, Silva MUNIAIN, Iker NOBLE-LAZARUS, Reuben LUKAKU, Romelo How you think of wich ones i should get rid off?
  9. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings DI NATALE, Antonio what do you think of him???
  10. SUAREZ, Luis 90 or, SULEJMANI, Miralem 88. will will they rise drop or stay???
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings Maybe someone can tell me is Negredo going to rise or drop???
  12. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings and whats about Lavezzi`s rating rise or drop?
  13. Re: What you think ???? thanks to all i accepted the transfer, hope it will be completed shortly
  14. I received an offer for S.Gerrard=M.Essien and L.Diarra plus 17mill What do you think.good deal or no...
  15. ABIDAL, Éric MAXWELL, Scherer MARQUEZ, Rafael MILITO, Gabriel PUYOL, Carles CACERES, Martín Which ones i should keep it and wich ones sell it(i need money to buy very good striker )
  16. What you think exchanging henry for adebayor is good deal or no....
  17. What you think of him: should he rise drop or stay at the same rating.
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