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  1. Which is the better half of the trade EDIT: Here's my tactics page So with Ozil my mid 4 is 92 92 94 94 But with Schwein 92 94 94 92 I have more cover on the wings than CM (lots of 91 wingers, not as many CM's), but it would be unlikely for that to ever make a real difference. Hummels would occasionally play, but I already have 3 other 91 defenders that I can play in that one spot. He would become 1 of 4 fighting for 1 place.
  2. Re: marcelo vieira Sigh.... 92
  3. Re: No Rise for Gum& Conca?!!!!!!!!! That doesn't necessarily mean they are done with Brazil, OP, I would wait till Monday, and if nothing is done by then, submit two very detailed tickets and they should get a rise
  4. Re: Deal for Pique of BArcelona It's scary that anyone would advise you against this deal. Pique is the best defensive asset in SM terms when you consider age, ability and future rating potential. Milito is 31 and will only go down from here, Inter are having a bad season so far, Barca on track for another title. It is far easier to find high rated strikers than CB's, snap the other managers hand off right now! Then start bidding on all the possible replacement forwards, anyone 94 up should be fine.
  5. Re: Brazil rating? The ratings have happend mate, you were 100% correct
  6. Re: Brazil rating? Well played sir
  7. Re: Nani or Di Maria? No it is very much relevant' date=' experience, and a players known ability will always contribute to there chances of being chosen. If Kaka and Di Maria played the exact same game one day, and only one could be picked the week after, Kaka would get the nod for said experience, known ability The Politics at Madrid are very different to Chelsea, you should know that. If Mou has his way, RVN would have been playing for Madrid 2 weeks ago. He defintley receives some pressure from upstairs (shirt sales, return on kaka investment etc.)
  8. Re: Nani or Di Maria? Haha, okay mate, statistics for one, Ozil is similar to Di Maria on this seasons stats, 7 goals each, but Ozil 6 more assists, also has more technical ability, and that is the only close battle of these 3. Kaka is a proven better player, he won the Ballon D'or, yes you could argue he is getting worse, but hes better than Di Maria until proven otherwise which Di Maria hasn't done. While Kaka isn't great atm he is returning from injury so miracles cant be expected.. Higuain is a striker and hard to compare, however has a brilliant goal return while playing. I'd love your evidence as to why Di Maria is better than any of these 3;)
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