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    scribe313 got a reaction from Beathy in Which Goalkeeper?   
    Re: Which Goalkeeper?
    Hart hands down. 89-90 this change but he's one for the future, since he's still got at least 10 years of his career to come.
    Got in the EPL team of the year over the likes of Reina, Van Der Sar and Cech. IMO he's going to be Englands no.1 keeper for the next 8 odd years, once he surpasses Given and becomes City's no.1 he'll reach a 93 at least.
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    scribe313 reacted to Hercule Poirot in Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis   
    Re: Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis
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    scribe313 reacted to JoseHolland in Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis   
    Re: Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis
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    scribe313 reacted to playingcards in Gonzalo Higuain   
    The Castrol coefficient currently ranks Gonzalo Higuain as the fourth-best player in the world, behind only Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney.
    Of course this is based entirely on stats - but so is SM - so how will Higuain's rating rise in the next few changes? Is a 94 now guaranteed for him next time?
    Personally I think that if he continues to be Real Madrid's main striker next year, and plays some part in a strong Argentina showing at the World Cup, I think we can expect a steady rise of 93 > 94 > 95 in the next year. This will probably be his peak.
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    scribe313 reacted to Sohaib Nazir in Under 25 85+ Risers Around The World   
    Dont be too harsh. My first ever post

    Hug Lloris, 23, 91--> 92
    *Ligue 1- Goalkeeper of the Year*
    Igor Akinfeev, 24, 91--> 91/92
    René Adler, 25, 91--> 91/92
    Manuel Neuer, 24, 90--> 91
    Joe Hart, 23, 89--> 89/90
    *PFA Goalkeeper of the Year*
    Pedro Rui Patricio, 22, 88--> 88/89
    Sergio Romero, 23, 88--> 88/89
    Matej Delac, 17, 83--> 84/85
    David De Gea, 19, 80--> 85/86
    Gerard Pique, 23, CB/DM, 92--> 94
    Thomas Vermalen, 24, CB/LB, 90--> 91/92 *Rose to 91*
    *PFA Team of the Year*
    Simon Kjaer, 21, CB, 89--> 90
    Vincent Kompany, 24, CB/DM, 89-->89/90 *Rose to 90*
    Daniel Agger, 25, CB/LB, 89--> 90 *Rose to 90*
    Sébastien Bassong, CB/LB, 23, 88--> 89/88 *No Rise*
    Mamadou Sakho, CB/LB, 20, 88--> 89
    Jack Rodwell, 19, CB, 87--> 87/ 88 *No Rise*
    Leonardo Bonucci, 22, CB, 86--> 88
    Holger Badstuber, 21, CB/LB, 85--> 88 *Rose to 88*
    Toby Alderweireld, 21, CB/RB, 85--> 87/88 *Rose to 87*
    Soto Álvaro Dominiguez, 21, CB/LB, 85--> 87/88
    Alberto Botia, 21, CB/RB, 85--> 86/87
    François Affolter, 19, CB, 84--> 86/87
    Aleksandar Dragovic, 19, CB/DM, 84--> 86
    Mikel San Jose, 21, CB, 83--> 86/87
    Stefan Reinartz, 21, CB/DM, 80--> 85 *Rose to 86*
    Tomislav Barbaric, 21, CB, 78--> 85
    *Great Money Maker*
    Pereira da Silva Rafael, 19, RB/RM, 86--> 87 *No Rise*
    Daniel Shwaab, 21, RB, 86--> 87
    Macedo Michel, 20, RB, 84--> 86/87
    Aly Cissokho, 20, LB, 89--> 90/89 *Rose to 90*
    Gareth Bale, 20, LB, 87--> 88/89 *Rose to 88*
    Jérôme Boateng, 21, Def/DM, 89--> 89/90
    Christian Tracsh, 22, Def/DM, 85--> 86/87
    Cesc Fabregas, 23, CM/AM, 95--> 95/96 *No Rise*
    *PFA Midfielder of the Year*
    Abou Diaby, 23, CM/LM, 88--> 89/90 *Rose to 89*
    Andrea Poli, 21, CM/AM, 86--> 87/88
    Daniel Parejo, 21, CM/AM, 86--> 87/88
    Kwadwo Asamoah, 21, CM, 86--> 87
    Darron Gibson, 22, CM/DM, 85--> 86 *No Rise*
    Delvin Ndinga, 22, CM/DM, 84--> 86/87 *Rose to 86*
    James McCarthy, 19, CM/AM, 83--> 85 *Rose to 85*
    Yann M'vila, 19, CM, 82--> 86 *Rose to 87*
    Ligue 1 *Young Player of the Year Nominee*
    Lass Diarra, 24, DM/CM, 92--> 93
    Sergio Busquets, 21, DM/CM, 90--> 91
    Moussa Sissoko, 20, DM/CM, 89--> 90/89
    Alexandre Song, 22, DM/CB, 89--> 90/89 *Rose to 90*
    Éver Banega, 21, DM/CM, 89--> 90
    Francisco Javi Garcia, 23, DM/CM, 89-->89/90
    Wilson Palacios, 25, CM/DM, 89--> 90 *No Rise*
    Lucas Leiva, CM/DM, 23, 88--> 89/90 *Rose to 89*
    Lucas Barrios, 25, DM, 87--> 89
    Arian Ademi, 19, DM, 82--> 85/84
    Lukas Schmitz, 21, DM/CM, 78--> 83/84/85 *Rose to 85*
    Mesut Ozil, 21, AM/LM, 90--> 91 *Rose to 91*
    Alan Dzagoev, 19, AM/CM, 89--> 89/90
    Stefan Jovetic, 20, AM/Fwd, 89-->90
    Miralem Pjanic, 20, AM/Wing, 88--> 89/90 *Rose to 90*
    Esteban Granero, 22, AM/Wing, 88--> 89
    Javier Pastore, 20, AM/ Fwd, 87--> 88/89
    Toni Kroos, 20, AM/Wing, 86--> 88
    Sergio Canales, 19, AM/Wing, 85--> 87
    Ander Herrera, 20, AM/RM, 84--> 86/87
    Jack Wilshere, 18, AM/Wing, 83--> 85 *Rose to 85*
    Jordi Alba, 21, LM/LB, 83--> 87
    Santos Ramires, 23, RM/CM, 90--> 90/91
    Sotiris Ninis, 20, RM/AM, 86--> 87/88 *Rose to 87*
    Antonio Valencia, 24, Wing, 90--> 91 *Rose to 91*
    Luís Nani, 23, Wing, 89--> 91/90 *Rose to 90*
    Ángel Di Maria, 22, Wing/Fwd, 89--> 90/89 *Rose To 90*
    Marko Marin, 21, Wing/Fwd, 89--> 90 *Rose to 90*
    Diego Perotti, 21, Wing/AM, 89--> 90/89
    Elijero Elia, 23, Wing/Fwd, 89--> 90
    Rodríguez Pedro, 22, Winger/Fwd, 88--> 90
    Eden Hazard, 19, Wing/Am, 87--> 88/89 *Rose to 89*
    Ligue 1 *Young Player of the Year* and *Player of the Year Nominee*
    Adam Johnson, 22, Wing, 85--> 87/88 *Rose to 87*
    Thomas Muller, 20, Winger/Fwd, 85--> 88 *Rose to 88*
    Gabriel Torje, 20, Winger/Fwd, 85--> 86
    Suárez Jeffren, 22, Wing/Fwd, 82--> 85
    Gonzalo Higuain, 22, Fwd/Wing, 93--> 94/95
    Alexandre Pato, 20, Fwd, 92--> 93
    Luis Suarez, 23, Fwd, 90--> 91*No Rise*
    Radamel Falcao, 24, Fwd, 90--> 90/91 *Rose to 91*
    Gabriel Agbonlahor, 23, Fwd/Wing, 89--> 89/90 *No Rise*
    Givanildo Vieira Hulk, 23, Fwd, 89--> 89/90
    Nicklas Bendtner, 22, Fwd, 88--> 89 *Rose to 89*
    Silva Neymar, 28, Fwd/AM, 86--> 88/89
    Seydou Doumbia, 22, Fwd, 86--> 88
    Karim Ait-Fana, 21, Fwd/Wing, 84--> 87 *Rose to 87*
    Ligue 1 *Young Player of the Year Nominee*
    Jermain Lens, 22,Fwd/Wing, 84--> 86/87 *Rose to 86*
    Édinson Cavani, 23, CF, 89--> 90/89
    Mauro Boselli, 24, CF, 89--> 89/90
    Romelu Lukaku, 17, CF, 87--> 88/89
    Eren Derdiyok, 21, CF, 87--> 88 *Rose to 88*

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    scribe313 got a reaction from Dazza in Aguero worth it? Sell benzema?   
    Re: Aguero worth it? Sell benzema?
    Decent squad there mate.
    The thing about Benzema and Aguero is they both have had fairly poor seasons, and both may go down, but in the future once they move to a different club, they could become some of the best forwards in the world. Their both worth hanging on to for the time being, if Benzema stays at Real he's probably worth selling, but until you know that for sure I'd keep him unless you get a massive offer (50m+)
    Buy Aguero for Carrick+Eduardo+a bit of cash. As these two (particularly Carrick) aren't worth having on a team.
    Then you'll have the monoply of young strikers in Benzema+Aguero+Pato+Higuain, and you can demand big funds from people in your league wanting to buy. Loan Pato out so he doesn't complain.
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    scribe313 reacted to Howie in Benzema or Higuain   
    Re: Benzema or Higuain
    Higuain is better.
    See, the current president signed Benzema, the last one signed Higuain so the current one is annoyed that his signing is being outshone by someone else. Plus, as great as Higuain is, he's not really a worldwide famous player yet and thus doesn't generate shirtsales.
    They'd be mad to sell him
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    scribe313 got a reaction from DerbyPower in CM needed!   
    Re: CM needed!
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    scribe313 got a reaction from mr.snooky in Pedro   
    Re: Pedro
    Word going round is a rise to 90, personally think he plays like a 93-95, but SM being ever conservative, will probably only rise him to about 90/91.
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    scribe313 got a reaction from jamo_10 in Balotelli+Santon = Gomes   
    Re: Balotelli+Santon = Gomes
    Defintley, I'd do that deal hands down, both of them future stars, Balotelli a little less likely, but with the right manager his attitude could improve and he can really shine.
    Make sure you've got a replacement keeper though.
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    scribe313 reacted to Phil (GT) in Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010   
    Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010
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    scribe313 reacted to hog0101 in Any Young Roma risers?   
    Re: Any Young Roma risers?
    The problem is Roma dont have many young players tbh, i would think though Riise and the keeper Sergio will rise! hope this helps:)
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    scribe313 reacted to Caleb in Any Young Roma risers?   
    Re: Any Young Roma risers?
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    scribe313 reacted to Zulu in Javier HERNANDEZ   
    Re: Javier HERNANDEZ
    I have seen him on youtube since he joined Manu .Very good player he can score with both feets and lightning quick ,but would he get a chance for manu next season with Macheda playing well ?
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    scribe313 got a reaction from Zulu in Javier HERNANDEZ   
    Re: Javier HERNANDEZ
    Unless Macheda finds great form, I would have thought Hernandez would get the preference. Macheda is still 18, still has alot of time to develop, at 21, this guy is at a better age to get games assuming they both play well.
    I too have seen him on youtube, and I like his game better than Macheda, given all Macheda can do is score goals, (he doesn't have a great deal of pace so all he really does is hold the ball up, he also isn't a great passer YET) whereas this guy has got alot more pace, and the leading goalscorer in Mexico's league at 21 is a nice feat.
    Also guys, as far as his rating, it seems like he's Chivas best player (or close), since hes got Penalty duties etc. and there are 9 players in the squad that have a higher rating than him, so he possibly should be rated 87/88/89 by now, just to be level with some of his teamates, which means SM should take that into account when he gets reviewed in the English ratings which are a little while from now.
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    scribe313 got a reaction from Guerilla in Higuain, Benzema, Tevez, Pato - Who to sell?   
    Re: Higuain, Benzema, Tevez, Pato - Who to sell?
    Benzema hands down, the rest are all very likely to go up and are playing well.
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    scribe313 reacted to craigjohnson in Matej Delač - future +90 goalkeeper   
    Re: Matej Delač - future +90 goalkeeper
    He has an agreement to join Chelsea in 2011, and was in the Croatian national squad for the recent qualifier against England. If he's the 3rd choice 'keeper, at 17 years old for a country like Croatia, who are no mugs, he's definitely a "keeper" (excuse the pun!)
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    scribe313 reacted to SM Dev (Jeppo) in English Ratings finished according to SM...   
    Re: English Ratings finished according to SM...
    You will see these rating changes tomorrow.
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    scribe313 reacted to Greener-09 in Greener's Guide to risers around the world....   
    This is a thread I will try and get as much risers as possible from around the world.... PS. I don't claim to find any of these players..............Oh and sorry if updating this thread becomes less apparent soon cos **** exams
    Also as this is very time consuming I WILL make mistakes so if u see one dont hesitate to tell me Cheers
    AND of course I wont get all risers so If u know onw from the countries I have covered thus far (Only Scotland at the moment ) let me know if u want.. And Ill give U credit
    The Countries will be done in no particular order BTW

    Ross Forbes- 64-80+ - DM/CM
    Lukas Jutkiewicz-75-79/80 - FWD
    Tom Hateley-74-81/80 -RM/RB
    Giles Coke- 75-79/80 -LM/CM
    Chris Humphrey- 72-76/77 - WING
    Stephen Saunders - 75-79/80 - RB
    James Wesolowski- 78-80/81 -CM/DM
    Connor Sammon- 78-80-82[/
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    scribe313 reacted to Spam in -   
    Thread Moved to Player Ratings Predictions
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    scribe313 reacted to leecska in Lee's list of 88+ risers   
    Having taken so much from this forum I feel it's time I gave something back, even if it is just an amalgamation of other people's work. I'm going to try and list players currently's rated 88 or above from each country's league who have a chance of rising - my results for each country are split in 2 sections:
    Probable Risers - players with a 90%+ chance of getting a rise
    Possible Risers - players with a 50%+ chance of getting a rise at the moment, and who are likely to make progress from now until the rating changes towards that rise.
    Then I'll highlight my ★STAR BUYS★, players getting particularly large rises, or player likely to carry on rising. Basically, players you should definately get your hands on now!
    Where two (or more!) possible ratings are displayed (e.g. 90-91/92), the first is the one most likely.
    Looking for a certain position? Well now they're sorted again, this time by a player's primary position...

    DM (includes CM/DM)
    And finally, all the star buys in one, handy, place. Nice.
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