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  1. Re: Made my own game: Lord Empires Good point about the English, i noticed that 3 days ago (when i went to put in English for myself) the Welsh, English and Scottish will be added in the new update. Currently there is just British, yeah City Name is basically your city;)
  2. Re: Made my own game: Lord Empires Yeah, we are doing some maintenance on the site now, should be fixed soon
  3. Re: Official NBA Thread I agree with you about Carter, i think he is in a more flexible role at the Magics, one thing is for certain, he should score more than Hedo did.
  4. Re: Official NBA Thread Rubio will be in Europe for another year i heard, so forget that one. It should be really interesting this year, we have 4 really strong teams. Boston got Wallace, which is a 2 time champ with Detroit, i think that will help them out allot, last year i feel that if KG was with them in the finals they could go far, a team with Wallace, Garnett, Pierce, Allen will be a tough one to beat. But then again it is either this year or never as all those are 30+ aged players. Magic got Carter, i think that is an improvement over Hedo, it is a tough one though, Carter is an enigma as he always seems to underachieve. If however he proves us wrong, they could go one step further this year. Cavs got Shaq and i heard he has specially stopped stuffing his face to get the King a title this year, seeing them in the finals with Lakers, with the Shaq vs Kobe feud will be awesome, i think they could do it with their nucleus of players. Lakers got even stronger with Artest, Ariza was key to Lakers last year, but Artest gives the Lakers the needed toughness. Plus all their team are in their prime, so i expect them to at least get to the finals.
  5. It was a long time passion of mine which i was planning for a long time, took me over a year to make (and a load of cash) but i have just released it. The game is still in beta and i know that it is not that user friendly yet (working on that, give me some time) but the game is more than playable and worth looking into if you like deep strategy games. You take on the role of a ruler in the middle ages, your goal is basically to build up your city, get trade partners, build roads and combine with other members to make a create a clan (hopefully to kick some ***, but you never know, could end up the other way round:eek: ) O yeah, this is a text based game, which means no fancy graphics or sound:o Site link: http://www.lordempires.com Regards
  6. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Spurs have had a great start to the season, i did not expect it to be this way, but it is. Allot of credit has to do to Harry though, he has done allot of right moves since he has come and has turned around the team, they were in terrible shape when he came. But to be honest staying in the top 4 will be really tough, for several reasons. First of all, despite all our heroics our main competitors are either above us or have about the same amount of points and unlike us, they are not over exerting themselves to bring in the results they are having. Next we lack depth, it is really starting to show now, put it this way, we are currently playing with a right back (Corluka) and defensive midfielder (Huddlestone) at the center defense role!!! We do not have a left midfielder (Modric is a playmaker\Attacking Midfielder). I think the only way we can stay in the top 4 is if Harry pulls off some super moves in January, most likely we do not have any\much cash, so he will need to sell. Ideally we will need to dump some of our expensive bench players (Gooner Bentley and Pavs) with that cash we will open up options to buy a proper Midfield Left\Winger and maybe some back up players at Right Wing, Left back. Either way, all those transfers are not easy to do in the January window, i know that the fans and the club know what we need, lets see if we can pull off the moves to push for a top 4 placing
  7. Re: Will Spurs Qualify for the Champions League I am a Spurs fan and i would be very surprised if we did, doubt it, i think we could be top 6, anything above 6th though will be a HUGE surprise to me
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