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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'd never accept this offer tbh. I mean' date=' I can understand your need of a Striker, but you're overpaying Sanchez IMO. Underlining Eriksen and Oxlade potential is almost unuseful, they can really become important players.

    As a consequence, if I were you I'd look for another striker, trying to give only one of your talents. Buying a good Fwd using only Eriksen should not be that hard ;)[/quote']

    I personally would not do that. Eriksen will be a 92+ player IMO if he can carry his domestic form into international performances' date=' and earn a move to a top European club.

    The Ox, is something special, he could well be 88 by the end of the year, if he can stake a more regular place for Arsenal.

    But if it will greatly improve your starting XI, then by all means do it. Sanchez is a class player after all.[/quote']

    Thanks guys, I went ahead and accepted it though. At the moment I'm more concerned with the short-term and in terms of potential I know I'm really overpaying for Sanchez but in terms of ratings and position I need Sanchez a lot more and I think overall the deal is still fair... I'm also betting on being able to sneak them both back somehow in the future :P Thanks for the help though, repped

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hey guys, I'm in need of opinions once again, there's a pretty fair deal on the table.

    Alexis Sanchez for 5m + my Christian Eriksen + Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    I only have four forwards at the moment and those are Soldado, Aguero, Gervinho and Sturridge and as I usually start with a front three, Sanchez would slot right in and benefit me hugely. Eriksen doesn't start for me, he can but I have the likes of Yaya Toure, Nocerino, KP Boateng and Kwadwo Asamoah ahead of him (both of which I'm trying to sell, but no success as of yet). Oxlade doesn't start either, he's just in my youth squad but as an Arsenal fan I know of his talent and in a few years I think he could be really good. My only problem is lately I seem to be losing all my real good talents in my transfers and it's really annoying haha :P I know this is a very fair deal, especially for me, but I'd just like some opinions on what I should do.

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    it depends on how important huntelaar and reus are for your team' date=' and how important cash is really,

    in principle id probabaly do the deal :)[/quote']

    Thanks peeps, and yea thats my main problem really, Huntelaaar and Reus are my best two strikers and the most important in my team, and I only have 20.4m :D I think I'll go through with it though

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Stick with Aguero, I expect Man City to do very well in Europe next season and continue to impress in the Premier League and if Aguero's first season was any suggestion, he will continue to play very well and soon rise to 95. Ibra however has reached his peak and will only fall from now, and adding £8m to it really doesn't do much.

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hey people... I need some help here, yesterday the Arsenal manager offered me a straight swap for my Christian Eriksen for his Jack Wilshere. I've thought about it and I'm just not sure as potenial wise I think they're both relatively the same but at this current moment in time Eriksen is in much better form and has much more going for him considering Wilshere didn't play a second of competitive football throughout the whole of last season and his injury worries seem to continue.

    Also as an Arsenal fan I've taken in note a certain Aaron Ramsey, who before his leg break injury was playing extremely well in an advanced position in midfield through his cameo sub appearances and cameo starts. After being out for around a year from his leg break, he came back and has never returned to his previous form despite being able to play competitive football for around a year and a half now, possibly even two years. I say this because I'm afraid the same might happen to Wilshere who has been out of football for approximately the same time as Ramsey, despite different injuries. Wilshere may even also continue to pick up little niggles when he comes back, which also puts things in Eriksen's favour once again.

    Another thing is club, Wilshere is far more likely to rise higher in SM terms while playing for Arsenal compared to Eriksen playing for Ajax. There is also the possibility that when Eriksen leaves Ajax (probably next season) he will not hit the ground running at his new club and will have to take a season to settle and even then may continue to struggle. Wilshere already has experience playing for Arsenal though and if not for his injuries and if he had continued his form on from last season, could well be 91 rated right now. At Ajax (within the next season) I imagine Eriksen may only hit 90, and only under special circumstances would he hit 91.

    So yeah :confused: I honestly can't decide, Eriksen atm I see as the better playing with more going for him but there is still a question mark over his future, where he will go, how he will fare and so on but Wilshere also has question marks over his injuries and whether he will be able to return to the form he had before. Am I just crazy for not taking Wilshere or have I got a point? :P

  6. Re: German Bundesliga - 2012 Ratings

    Hey hummels (if I could call you that :D), great job so far, looking really good!

    I just wanted to ask what you think about Herrmann and whether he could be a replacement for Reus when he leaves next season. I thought, based on Herrmann's stats this season that he'd get a rise to 87 but a few people think he'd be lucky to get that. Is he an average player or has he got potential?

  7. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||-

    by saying world class i meant 92-93+

    and do you think he will get +1 in the next changes?

    If you go through the last few pages and read down a bit, or even click search up in the toolbar and search this thread for Strootman you'll see many posts regarding him. As dancpoli said though he, imagining he moves to the right club, will definitely be a future 92-93+ player. I also imagine he will get a +1 in the next changes, but those are still a way off so that might change. He is one to keep though, if you can afford to ;)

  8. Re: Riferimento: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||-

    Derk Boerrigter

    is he a good talent?

    would he rise again in next review?

    how is he doing with ajax?

    could you tell me also about thulani serero ?

    i saw he is playing not very much in this current season but he's only 21 years old so i don't know how to do with him


    Seems the best of the South African league are still not good enough for the Eredivisie' date=' he's had some subs and that's all. Doubt he'll have much of a future at Ajax. (Pretty much answers your question about Serero, sell him)

    Narsingh is decent enough, no top club material but ending up around 88 should very well be possible for him. I'd recommend Assaidi though if he's not too old for you. Derk Boerrigter will rise some more, same goes for Leandro Bacuna. Oh and not to forget, definately get Ola John! ;)[/quote']

    As Brood said, Boerrigter will rise slightly. Not sure to what but I'm guessing 85/86. His peak will probably be around 88.

  9. Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I)

    any predictions about herrmann's rating? how much will he raise?

    is lasogga worth buying?

    thank you very much :)

    A bit too early to predict imo but I think he'll probably go to 87 in the next changes. Small chance of 88 in the next changes though as I doubt SM will be that generous but they could be based on the last German changes. Should be 88 by the end of the season though and could definitely be 89 by the end of the season but doubt it. ;)

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hey again peeps, another around fair deal that I'm not too sure about.

    I can get Micah Richards for £10m + Abate. The money isn't too big of a deal but if I could keep the £10m it would be nice but I'm willing to lose it for Richards, as I know he is England's best RB at the moment and a regular for Man City at the back, while also being a quality, quality player. I know he'll continue to rise as Man City will for sure still be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come. I'm not sure about Abate though, I know he's good and I've heard he's Italy's best RB and that he will continue to rise at Milan and possibly peak at 92 but I know Richards can go up to 94, I think he's that good. I'd like to get some opinions on Abate though seeing as I don't know much about him :confused:

    Thanks for any help :)

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hey peeps, about to put in a bid for Kroos (22 90) of 5m + Prince Boateng (24 90). I think the manager will accept it, if he does should I let it go through? I know Boateng is a good prospect and is already a fantastic player but I feel as if he gets injured a bit too often and with his retirement from the national team I think his peak will really be around 93, and I don't think he'll even hit that soon tbh. Kroos meanwhile has become a regular in Bayern and is German, and I'm not too sure how much potential he has but from what I remember when he was younger he was tipped to do very well so I'd assume he could also get to around 93, and with his regular playing time for a team like Bayern he's sure to rise. The Bundesliga and the German national team are also getting much better so I see his chances of rising becoming bette than Boateng's. I just wanna get some other opinions though before I go through with this :o

  12. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||-

    hows eriksen doing a possible rise to 89/90 anytime soon?

    http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/christian-eriksen/profil/spieler_69633.html That'll tell you his stats ;) I'm pretty sure he's doing pretty well and I'm expecting a rise to 89 by the time the next changes ring about, not sure about 90 though... may have to step up his game but Brood might be able to tell you more about that :D

  13. Re: How long does it take from time of bidding for an external club to accept your bi

    Yes THE 98 Ronaldo :D TB lifted EXTERNAL and no one but me has him shortlisted :P

    Basically the situation is as follows.....

    few months ago I missed out on ronaldo to liverpool manager (im man utd) obviously everyone had him shortlisted but as soon as he moved to liverpool people removed him from the shortlist..... I didnt

    The Liverpool manager was about 15 million in debt (I think it was a bit more then 15 but he was embaressed to say :P) half way through season (bought way too many players in and wages ate away at him) so he sold Ronaldo to external real madrid he obvioulsy forgot i had him shortlisted. As soon as I saw the bid from Real Madrid I made some deals with managers in my game world for some of my young risers. I also ended up selling Sneider for cash just to make sure that the day Ronaldo being sold back to madrid ended up being filled with lots of other inimportant deals so no one would see in the gameworld messages that he had been sold unless they searched through them.

    Between selling ronaldo to madrid and now liverpool have had a change of manager. who is very much a youth hoarder. He's not interested in players over like 22 and has spent all the cash from Ronaldo on younger players like Draxler etc. so he cannot buy back ronaldo even if he wanted too :P.

    I have checked around other managers in the gameworld just casual conversations about cash and all of them are in need of cash!!! :P.

    I did this by making **** offers to the managers of my youth team who didnt rise for unimportant players on there teams and they all said they needed cash not players :P So I know that none of them can afford him without losing players like Fabregas plus cash or Messi

    SO I am in a very very very unique position in that I have a chance a small chance to buy Ronaldo uncontested for CV due to all this planning and a bit of opportunism and I have put my bid in at 12:00am as early as possible so it gets accepted asap :)

    Basically If i pull this off this will be the best deal I have ever made in my whole 4 and half years of playing SM :P and probably the best playing of the game I have ever heard of too!!!

    Definitely an extremely unique and interesting situation haha, and definitely will be tjhe best deal I've ever heard of. Good luck man :)

  14. Re: How long does it take from time of bidding for an external club to accept your bi

    Thanks guys both repped.

    Im in a situation where the quicker its accepted the better.

    Bidding for Ronaldo minimum cash no one else has him shortlisted and Im hoping it gets accepted before technically today's evening.

    I made the bid at 12:00am as soon as his TB was lifted.

    If I can do this it will hands down be the best deal and sneakiest I have ever managed on SM because the league im in is very competitive and I had to do some tactical selling to ensure no one saw Ronaldo's transfer to external so unless people have looked for him they will assume he's at managed and so far no one has noticed.

    Cheers both of you repped :)

    Haha! You must be joking, Ronaldo, the 98 Cristiano Ronadlo, TB lifted, unmanaged and nobody has him shortlisted? Never seen anything like that before and if you manage to get him that'll be amazing xD Good luck man! What do you mean by tactical selling btw? I usually just spam other teams that have the player shortlisted by continiously bidding for their players around 40 times till it goes so far down their club messages that it gets automatically deleted lololol :D

  15. Re: How long does it take from time of bidding for an external club to accept your bi

    It varies from deal to deal which baffles me

    If you make a bid late evening and no other teams have counter bid then you'll usually have the deal accepted the following evening.

    I think the speed of which it's accepted is determined by how many teams have that specific player short-listed. If you're the only one interested in that player then the deal seems to be accepted a little quicker

    I think you may have a point with the shortlisted thing, I've noticed that but never really thought they would do something like that and just forgot it as a coincidence or something. It makes sense though as it gives the other managers interested time to see the deal and intercept it but I don't think the counter-bid from another manager does anything because if you was the first to bid then it'll still be done in 24 hours (max) by the time you bidded, unless you withdraw that bid of course then it'll be accepted 24 hours (max) from the second bid.

  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'd deffo do it.James can easily hit 91 in Portugal...atm is Porto best player for me

    he will not get 91 in porto

    meanwhile pjanic is awesome and can get it in roma

    keep pjanic

    Thanks for the help guys, I've decided to go with Rodriguez. I think he's far more settled at Porto than Pjanic atm is with Roma and it'll take a while (atleast another season) for Pjanic really to find the form needed to get him to 91 and above, as I feel he can (his peak would probably be around 93/94 I assume). The only risk is when Rodriguez leaves, where he will go and how long it will take him to settle in to the new team, league and country he goes into and if he will be effective there. If it doesn't happen then oh well ;) Every game is a risk anyways, but thanks for the help peeps :o

  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    I'd go as far as giving money plus Pjanic to buy James (not possible due to CV values' date=' but still). He is immense.

    I don't think Pjanic will ever hit 93, let alone at Roma. James on the other hand is definitely one of the hottest U-21 prospects in Europe.[/quote']

    Haha :D The original deal was to give Pjanic for Rodriguez and he was very determined to do that, and after seeing that I decided I'll try get a little money out of him :rolleyes: The thing is with Pjanic, at Lyon he was a great player with buckets of talent and he still does have quite a bit of talent but I'm not sure if Roma is the place he should've gone, I don't think he'll develop there as well as he would've at other places in Europe and unfortunately that may stump his potential to hit 93, which I think would be around his peak. He also has a bit of competition in his position with Lamela on fire at the moment, Borini playing really well on the wing there too and Roma's other young winger that I can't remember at this moment.

    James on the other hand I've heard much good about but the simple fact is that for him to progress his career further past the 90/91 mark he'll need to leave Porto due to the league cap, and that is my worry. There are always players who fail to settle into other teams, leagues and countries and unfortunately it is a massive risk as it stalls their development for atleast another year, if not a few. The thing is with Pjanic he has settled fairly well and the league cap in Italy is much higher than in Portugal and I think he could, depending on Roma's success, reach 91/92 faster and easier than it would be for Rodriguez.

    Oh well though, I've been trying to get Rodriguez for months now and I've finally gotten the chance so I'll just let this deal go through and maybe in a couple months, if Pjanic is playing well I'll sign him back. Thanks for all the help guys :o

  18. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    If it's a competitive set-up' date=' I'd get Rodrigo ASAP.[/quote']

    It's not really competitive but there are a few teams who can be a real annoyance, but I'll pick him up considering your response :D

    Do you think the selling Pjanic for 6mil + Rodriguez is a good deal too? I'm having some second doubts now considering he's back fit and Roma are playing much better than the way they started the season + he could rise to 93 there whereas for Rodriguez the max at porto would probably be 91/92 :confused:

  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Should I get James Rodriguez 20 89 (who I've heard much good about in Porto and how he can really be the next player to get to 91 and leave for a top club in Europe) in exchange for Pjanic 21 90 who I've heard some good about in Roma but with them in a struggle at the start of the season I'd have expected him not to rise as his team wasn't doing exceptionally well but lately they've had a resurgance in form so I'm not too sure anymore about this deal.

    (My player) Pjanic for (His player) James Rodriguez + 6mil?

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