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  1. Re: Arsenal Gossip Dont forget about Diarra he can play on the wing cant he..? Well one of them
  2. Re: Arsenal Gossip Hleb is out for that match.. So we could have walcott on the right.. with diaby or eduardo on the left. Yes Eduardo did play on the wing when he 1st played for arsenal in a pre-season if i remember rightly.
  3. Re: Arsenal Gossip Yep Dead Serious !! http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=424401&in_page_id=2&ito=1565 Check that out !!
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip Hopefully arsene wenger will come on this forum and see the arsenl gossip thread and see this message: BUY AN EXTRA CENTRE BACK !!
  5. Re: Arsenal Gossip yes we need him.. especially if Hleb is going to be playing AM mot of the season he has great crosses. Bring him in Bring him in
  6. Re: Arsenal Gossip Oh yea just noticed that Ahh spam post.. So do you reckon we'll bring in any more new faces or will this be the squad for the season ??
  7. Re: Arsenal Gossip Well you never know with Mr.Wenger i have a feeling Arsenal may have their best season ever. Although i feel that every time before each season 1000 replies ??
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip I dont know much about him. But if he is then its easy to see that Arsene Wenger likes players that can play on the wing to come in. I think thats why Hleb didnt play aswell last season cause he was told to come inside. playing Eboue on the right is maybe a sign that Arsene Wenger is realising he needs players that can run down the wing and get a cross in rather than passing inwards. Especially with big players like bendtner and adebayor in there Hopefully he'll pull another rabbit out the bag like with eduardo. Maybe someone like...quaresma,, or someone unknown that play
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip OK i think its a bargain.. But is he really that needed? Will this mean that flamini will be leaving?? I dont mind him leaving if Diarra is coming in. But TBH we should be more concentrated on getting a natural winger. We need width more than anything else. Once we have that we play awesome. Example: game against inter milan Gibbs was on the left. If he we get someone that is more proven in that position we most probaly will win the league with consistency (had to get that bit out)But back to diarra bring him in but get rid of somone. lets say flamini. Its a choice Arsene
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip Arsene Wenger has chosen his captain(s) and they are: Gallas,Toure and Gilberto. They will rotate the armband which is quite a shock Dont no wether its a good thing. Eduardo wont be playing in the Emirates cup either because of work permit No hat trick for him then !
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip well with them gone. Looks like the chance of eduardo da silva to shine. I dont no why but i have a feeling hes gonna score a hat trick What the odds on that happening So who you reckon will lead Arsenal out..? Gallas or toure hmm... Maybe van persie will put on a master class and make you feel better Danny
  12. Re: Arsenal Gossip Ye tis a rip off. Thats why i was asking you just incase you had bought Arsenal tv online Alright cheers mate. Cant wait it looks Awesome ! Danny as always your 1st with the pics good job !
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip Arsène Wenger spoke to Arsenal TV Online about a number of topics after Thursday's pre-season victory in Austria. The Arsenal manager discussed: Another good pre-season win Sagna and Eduardo's Arsenal debuts Theo Walcott's ongoing development The Van Persie/Adebayor partnership The likelihood of signing another striker Danny any chance you no what Arsene Wenger said about these subjects oh and do you no wether the 3rd kit will be released in shops
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