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  1. Re: Bug ! Wrong Goal Scorer Ooh right sorry teb, only just got back into Sm.. Its all Changed !
  2. Well, i played a friendly yesterday and i lost.. but besides that i read the match report and it had said that milan baros scored a hat trick but on the team sheet it had defoe with the 3 goals.. the end result was 3-0.. its only a minor problem
  3. Re: Who do u thinks gonna win 2007/2008 Arsenal have already beat them 1-0 !
  4. Re: Fantasy Premier league for new season! is this still going on ??
  5. Re: The Dreamers Dream Setup. Edu Zigic Vicente are all for sale from Valencia. Just offer reasonable prices.
  6. Re: The Dreamers Dream Setup. Valencia has a manager ! Jayzee has jsut taken over as the manager of valencia and is very hungry for sucess. He will be looking to make this club big and quite possibly get it into the top division. Most players up for sale except David Villa of course.. Just place ya bids
  7. Re: Arsenal Gossip Dont forget about Diarra he can play on the wing cant he..? Well one of them
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip Hleb is out for that match.. So we could have walcott on the right.. with diaby or eduardo on the left. Yes Eduardo did play on the wing when he 1st played for arsenal in a pre-season if i remember rightly.
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip Yep Dead Serious !! http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=424401&in_page_id=2&ito=1565 Check that out !!
  10. Re: Tom's Chatroom and Forum Elite!!! Nearly There The Exact words Jayzee manager of Everton said to his team after they had beaten Feyernoord. Everton had beaten feyernoord in a very tight game, which could decide who would get out of relegation. The action started very soon with loanee owen hargreaves scoring in the 1st minute from a great through ball. It was then another loanee, the mexican wonderkid Dos santos had drew them level on the 22nd minute with a great header. Everton had started to dominate after Tim Howard made a fantastic save to keep it level. Everton were playing clean n
  11. I was just thinking of being able to leave a little note on a player. Which everyone can view once they look at the players profile. So instead of having the available un available. you could put. This player is available on-loan but isnt allowed to play against my team. Or you could put this player could leave at a price of..##. Just an idea. I wouldnt think it would take long to be introduced. So give us your thoughts
  12. Re: Whats your favourite cereal? CHEERIOS all the way !!
  13. Re: Fantasy Premier league for new season! Whey !! i'm 5th :D
  14. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread I'm am now in a pes 6 tournament where the winner wins £250 i doubt i'll win it though its out of 128 people and the finals will be shown on tv the 1st match will be on the 23rd of september. So wish me luck
  15. Re: Tom's Chatroom and Forum Elite!!! Everton Manager was ecstatic with the win away from home against a not so strong milan side. He couldnt believe he won it so convincingly with the score reading 4-0,after a poor start to the season. He later admitted his realistic aim was to get promoted but now concedes that it looks like he is a long way away from that achievement. Everton won the match with Andy Johnson scoring a magnificent hat trick ! (Andy Johnson celebrating his 3rd goal !) He has further more boosted his squad with the arrivals of Gurenko and Farfan. He has now announced that
  16. Re: Arsenal Gossip Hopefully arsene wenger will come on this forum and see the arsenl gossip thread and see this message: BUY AN EXTRA CENTRE BACK !!
  17. Re: New INTERNATIONAL Setup Arsenal and France pleasee
  18. Re: Pool League results thread is it actually a league where you get promoted and stuff or is it just a ladder where theres knockout stages ??
  19. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread Dang it that sucked !! 4-3
  20. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread Closest game won 3-2 Hey i should of had a pen also with ibrahimovich getting knocked by your keeper
  21. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread me 4-3 and winnning now 1-0
  22. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread Danny how come your never on Gears of War???
  23. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread Oh i knew that I feel so dumb Lol.. only if there was enough forumers with pes6 and xbox live we could have a tournament.. oh how i wish !
  24. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread hmm I dunno maybe Whats your gamertag ??
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