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    Jayzee14 got a reaction from dancpoli in Official Arsenal Thread   
    God did everyone watch the Arsenal match today against blackburn. Blackburns tactics spot on but not a very entertainning game as i hoped for. Theo really needs to get back on form if he wants to keep getting a 1st team chance. But gallas back great news
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    Jayzee14 got a reaction from cally in Chat Room Moderators   
    Well when ever i have been in the chat room. The have been doing a great job.
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    Jayzee14 got a reaction from Krucinho in Player Notes   
    I was just thinking of being able to leave a little note on a player. Which everyone can view once they look at the players profile. So instead of having the available un available. you could put. This player is available on-loan but isnt allowed to play against my team. Or you could put this player could leave at a price of..##. Just an idea. I wouldnt think it would take long to be introduced. So give us your thoughts
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    Jayzee14 reacted to Magic J in Wingers   
    Re: Wingers
    A simple answer to this question would be : YES
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    Jayzee14 got a reaction from wancha (ivan) in Whilst fixtures process... or any other time!   
    Re: Whilst fixtures process... or any other time!
    I thought i'd revive this thread as it seem funs..
    He Shoots
    He Scores
    He eats labradors
    its Park-Ji Sungg
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    Jayzee14 reacted to juve_fan in Britain vs The Rest Match Reports and Transfer Talk   
    Re: Britain vs The Rest Match Reports and Transfer Talk

    Division 2
    Matchday 1 - Preview
    Milan - Benfica
    Milan manager United_51 has only made this Milan side better with the additions of players like Andrade, Barzagli, Tevez, Riquelme and Hildebrand, and keeping stars such as Pirlo, Kaka, Gattuso and Nesta. On the other hand, Benfica have made no signings, and so will be underdogs going into this game, if players like Simao, Luizao and ex-Milan player Rui Costa can shine, I think Benfica could force a draw, although that is unlikely against Milan's solid defence.
    Prediction: 2-0
    Ajax - Roma
    Grant Thame's Ajax have bought in only 1 player, Nicolas Anelka, most likely to partner Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, and have a very good squad. Tom-aldinho's Roma also have a good squad, but will have the upper-hand in the midfield battle, it will be a close game, Roma's midfield will dominate the game, but Ajax's fans could really be influential.
    Prediction: 1-1
    Porto - Lyon
    This Porto side have brought in 6 players, Fernando Meira, Costinha, De La Red, Pires, Inzaghi and Lars Bender, and also have Nani on loan. All of these players are expected to start, except Lars Bender, and De La Red. Wingers Quaresma and Luis Gonzalez will be important if Porto want to win. Lyon have also bought in players, but only 2, these are Samir Nasri, and Obafemi Martins. Martins is expected to partner Fred upfront this evening. Lyon will just edge it, but it will be close.
    Prediction: 1-2

    Barcelona - Sevilla

    An all Spanish encounter, and the favourites will most certainly be the Catalan Giants, they haven't added anyone, but who needs to when you have players like Henry, Eto'o, Ronaldino, Deco, Puyol and Zambrotta. Sevilla have done the total opposite to Barcelona, and bought in 5 players! These include Capdevilla, Ayala, Cocu, Morientes and Julio Cruz, all of which are expected to make their debuts tonight. It should be a really good game, with lots of attacking football, but Barcelona's forwards will be to hot to handle, and will win the game for them.

    Predicition: 3-2

    Sporting - Bayern

    Sporting will go into this game as the underdogs, and will be tipped by many for relegation, manager juve_fan isn't feeling confident, he said earlier that his squad wasn't completed, and that two defenders, a left back and a right back, won't be here in time for tonights game, but they have bought in Chevanton, and Marchena. Bayern have bought in 32 players, 30 of which are in the youth team, the other two being Demba Ba, and Gianluigi Buffon. Bayern have a stronger team, but home advantage might come into play.
    Prediction: 1-3

    Real Madrid - Inter

    Madrid manager Leigh Auston has bought in 3 players, Ibanez Pablo, Diego Milito and David Silva, to add to their already world-class squad. Inter have bought in 4 players, these are Iaquinta, Zaccardo, Maresca and Villa. This will be a really close game, with two of the promotion favourites looking to start with a win, I don't think either team will win.

    Predicition: 2-2

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    Jayzee14 reacted to Ross.DAFC85 in Britain vs The Rest Match Reports and Transfer Talk   
    Re: Britain vs The Rest Match Reports and Transfer Talk
    I have decided to start matchday previews and reviews
    Antony has kindly said he will do division 2

    Matchday 1 - Preview
    Division 1
    Rangers - Chelsea
    Dan's Rangers take on Matt Jenkins' Chelsea at Ibrox tomorrow.
    There is no doubt that Rangers will hand debuts to Guardado, Trezeguet and Joaquin who joined the Scots. There is also no doubt about the strength in depth that Chelsea have, who have signed Rosicky and Miguel.
    Odds Rangers 4/1 Draw 6/4 Chelsea 1/2
    Portsmouth - Arsenal
    Roscoee's Pompey take on Arsenal, managed by Ash Thompson
    Arsenal have brought in 14 players in the transfer market, completely changing thir team. Roscoee has brought in Roy Makaay, Woodgate and Bent on loan - And will fancy their chances
    Odds Portsmouth 2/1 Draw Evns Arsenal 1/2
    Man Utd - Bolton
    The Rooster's first game is at home to Paul Thame's Bolton
    Man Utd are favourites as they have a quality squad, also bringing in Aimar and Ashton. But Paul is a quality manager and may out-tactic his counter part. Babel, Del Piero and Vermaelen may feature for Bolton
    Odds Man Utd 1/7 Draw 4/1 Bolton 8/1
    Everton - Liverpool
    Everton open with a merseyside derby against rivals Liverpool
    Although Liverpool have the stronger side, Everton will see this as a one-off with it being a derby. Liverpool have signed Gomez, Gallas, Akinfeev, Nugent and Nedved
    Odds Everton 3/1 Draw 2/1 Liverpool 1/4
    Tottenham - Celtic
    Akf 47's Celtic travel down south to White Hart Lane in what will be a tough start to the season for the Scots. Celtic will find it hard to break down Spurs' defence with Toure, Milito, Albiol and King. They also signed Diego Ribas whereas Celtic haven't spent in the transfer market
    Odds Tottenham 1/5 Draw 5/1 Celtic 9/1
    Aston Villa - Reading
    Luke's Villa entertain Armond Derri's Reading in what many see as an early relegation battle. Reading have welcomed Luis Anderson, Darren Fletcher and Steve Sidwell on loan as well as luring Canizares and Kahn to the Madejski. Villa who like Celtic also haven't signed in the market, which closes tomorrow
    Odds Villa 1/2 Draw Evns Reading 2/1

    Transfer market closes when the transfers are processed tomorrow morning

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    Jayzee14 got a reaction from Danny_Williams in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    is up with that post..Anyways yea i agree with you Dannyy Van Persie could easily score 15 goals next season.. i reckon fabregas gets shooting boots on and rsociky has fully adapted to the premiership they might chip in with a few goals themselves.. Well theres only 1 thing to say now and that is.
    Wait Till the Season Starts
    Only then will we know if van persie will socre 15 goals. Torres does well at liverpool same with Eduardo.. and finally who wins the PREMIERSHIP !
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    Jayzee14 reacted to PRO_EVO in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    that is because the other side of the stroy is wrong. so what you have more english players dosent matter about the nationality so long as the sqaud is winning. Arsenal are still an english club, our bord is english and the club is english owened, unlike most other teams. Wenger is not killing the league at all, he is the best manager in the league in many, many peoples opinion unlike martin joel or wotever who cant really manage to save his life. You are trying to come up with all these facts that is wenger fault that arsenal isnt english etc etc and tht totyt are better when the reality is walcott is way better then ur english players and has more potentiol and who can develop under arsene wenger. Look at cesc he didnt get loads of first team football when he arrived same ages as walcott, look at him now one of the best.
    And spurs arent a great example that you dont need to sign foreighn players because they arent winnign anything at all, when did u last win a cup ? And last i looked ur 2 strikers wernt "english" Look at henry he spoke better english then half the english players.
    As for darren bent, well u got ripped off there, u telling me he is worth more then Henry lol yeah rite not in a million, he's just gonna be another flop at totty like Defo who had potential but wasted it middle classed club where they couldnt develop. end of
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    Jayzee14 reacted to Danny_Williams in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    First pics of Eduardo at the Emirates....

    See Pics Here

    Dont know about anyone else but i am canceling my Arsenal away shirt with Rosicky on to get Eduardo!!
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