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  1. Hi, I need your advices for these two players. Will Shevchenko go down another time or will he rise? And what abut Borriello? Thank You!
  2. I have the necessity to buy a good CC at a good prize. I have three possibility that are: 1) Thiago Motta 2) Sergio Busquets 3) Claudio Marchisio Which of these do you recommend based on the future ratings change?
  3. Re: Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change Thank you for the answers!
  4. Re: Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change Nobody can help me with some of these players? I'm rebuilding all the team and I want to know who of these players have a good future and who I could sell.....
  5. Hi all, I need help for some future ratings change of Olympiakos' players, particulary about: - Didier DOMI - Jesus LEONARDO - Tassos PANTOS - Giorgos GALITSIOS - Michal ZEWLAKOW - Avraam PAPADOPOULOS - Vassilis TOROSIDIS - Sebastián LETO - Christos PATSATZOGLOU - Dudu CEARENSE - Konstantinos MENDRINOS - Fernando BELLUSCHI - Luís Santo DIOGO - Kostas MITROGLOU - Kyriakos PAPADOPOULOS Thank You
  6. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 And what about Tim Borowsky at Werder Brema?
  7. Hi, in your opinion how these two players will evolve in the future? Will they go down or up?
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