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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I swap my Lewandowski + Kroos + £70m to buy Messi? I will still have a healthy bank balance.
  2. I had made a deal for Messi and the manager has countered that he wants Lewandowski + Kroos + £70m I have around £170m in the bank and plenty of youth players I can use to raise money if I ever need it, so it's not that much of a problem, but is this worth a deal?
  3. Re: Most profit made on one player I bought him for 250k And won't be selling him any time soon, although I did get an £80m bid, for the record.
  4. Re: Marchisio or Khedira? I prefer Marchisio as a player but Khedira is at a better club and stronger national team, so he is probably a better SM option.
  5. Re: Torres I would accept, so long as you can use the money to buy a decent replacement. Even a 90 rated player who is on the up would be better than a 91 player on the way down. I would even consider it good value to invest the money in a young 89 player like El Shaarawy or even a couple of 88 players like Lukaku or Benteke.
  6. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo I would do it Neither player will ever get anywhere near 98 IMO. It is much easier to predict and find the next Chiellini or Busquets than the next Ronaldo. There might not even be another 98 rated player for a long time.
  7. Re: Emenike worth a investment??? Watched him playing against Celtic and he really impressed me. Not sure on his future or how he'll do in the game, but I think he's a very good player in real life.
  8. Re: Lewandowski for Neymar ? I'd keep Lewa, he's already a proven talent in Europe and will be at a top club next season. Neymar possibly won't be in Europe for another couple of years and then he might not be able to live up to potential outside of Brazil. He does have the potential to among the best players in the world, but it is too big of a risk to lose a proven top player IMO.
  9. Re: Juventus Squad Their weakest players are in the forward positions. I would look to see if you can upgrade for better players.
  10. Re: My Pana squad - a bit too big. cheers guys. I have actually already made some changes since posting this. Used Lavezzi and Ranocchia in an exchange for Hummels and also brought in Adriano. Will be shipping out Bruno Alves asap. I was reading some of the SM explanations about player happiness and apparently players going out on loan doesn't stop them being unhappy about playing time. I have paid off Kagawa as he was going to be level 5 unhappiness soon. I am going to try giving Lucas and De Gea some more time to stop them becoming unhappy and rotate the squad a bit more. Top players are rarely at unmanaged clubs in my game world so it usually takes some negotiations to convince someone to sell. I made a bid for Vidal and the manager replied asking for De Gea and Lucas in exchange. I was reluctant to do this, but is there another swap I should try and make that might look more appealing? I was thinking it might be worth trying to use M'Vila in a swap?
  11. Re: The Squad Advice Thread I'll try this in here as I didn't notice the sticky until after starting a thread. My squad has been coming along steadily, but as it improves, I have more 90+ rated players becoming unhappy at lack of game time, so I need to start thinking about who to use in swap deals to improve my first team. I would be interested to hear some thoughts on who I can afford to get rid of. For example, Kagawa, Lucas and De Gea are all unhappy so is it worth keeping them all and paying them off or should I try and use them to pick up a higher rated player?
  12. Due to some recent good players becoming available, my squad has improved recently to the point where good players are not getting any game time. I need to make some difficult decisions and start thinking about getting rid of some of them. I would appreciate some advice on where I can make improvement or cut down the squad. I play a 3-1-4-2 formation. Also, I just wanted to put this in a visual format that would be easy to understand, but it turned into quite a fun excercise to see how many complete teams I could build from my squad with an minimum average 85 rating. I also have some more lower rated players in my squad.
  13. Re: Claudio Marchisio I'm not great at predicting ratings, but I think Marchisio is a very underrated player in Europe and I think he is a better player than many others of a similar rating.
  14. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Probably best Gotze got his 93 today, at this rate it will be 2016 before he's rated again.
  15. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 What does Fabregas have to do for a rise? If he keeps scoring and setting up the goals the way he has this season, can he rise to 96 within two changes?
  16. Re: defensive line You can get rid of Terry and Puyol, they are only going down now. You will be losing two very high rated players though, so only get rid them if you are replacing them with quality, otherwise hold on to them for a bit longer.
  17. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Reading the forum, there seems to be mixed views on Kiessling. Borderline stay/+1? What are everyone's thoughts?
  18. Re: Lionel Messi - not that good I personally don't actually care about my results, I enjoy building the best squad. I would never let Messi go if I had him. Never ever.
  19. I've searched a few threads and most seem a bit indecisive as to whether he will hold his 92 this change. I have had a decent offer that makes me a bit of profit but will be leaving a gap in my midfield that I can only fill with a 90 until someone else rises (I have a few who are hopefully due to rise to 91) Should I try and get rid of his sharpish before the Milan changes or will he be ok to hang on to for a bit longer and try to use in a swap deal?
  20. Re: Fabregas vs Pato/Gourcuff Thanks for your advice folks, the deal went through without a problem. The new question is, should I try and swap my Nigel De Jong for his Sven Bender? With his move to Milan and his injury I'm worried about NJD's rating. Is it better to have a young up and comer with a lower rating? edit - he also has Piszczek, Schmelzer or Jovetic if those are better options?
  21. Re: Fabregas vs Pato/Gourcuff It's done, I just need to hope it goes through Now, next question, how do I delete this thread?
  22. I have had a bid accepted for Fabregas where I have offered Pato and Gourcuff. Gourcuff doesn't start for my first team, but Pato is one of my higher rated players. I can replace him by pushing Lavezzi up front with Cesc coming into the vacant central midfield place. It feels like a pretty good deal for me but I would appreciate anyone's thoughts in case I'm overlooking something.
  23. Re: Esteban Granero Will he stay at QPR though? It might be an opportunity to pick up a good player for a cheap price and wait and see what happens with him. Either QPR bring in a good manager who will get them playing well, or they will get relegated and Granero will probably move on anyway. At the moment, I am considering a minimum bid to see if the manager panics and gets rid of him.
  24. Re: James Forrest - Celtic Winger Forrest was listed with 12 others in FIFA's list of Players to Watch in 2012, alongside talent like Thiago, Barkley, Draxler and Ahmed Musa.
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