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  1. Re: Jeffery BRUMA yes, and some good pre season games couldn't do much harm either...
  2. Re: KopStar and leedsfan93's scouting thread m'bohli, hes the one that kept a clean sheet against england right? oh, and good thread by the way.:cool:
  3. i have a blackpool team (just taken control) in first season with the squad of 09/10 season. i need help because i am buying the following players: TURNBULL, Ross --Chelsea £2.1M MENDY, Bernard --Free Agent £3.1m KOREN, Robert --Free Agent £2.5M (ps are they good deals, should i buy them, etc) whom shall i buy, sell, keep... adam,baptiste,burgess etc.
  4. Re: A-League Database What about SERGIO VAN DIJK, CF, 27 & MILE STERJOVSKI, Wing/Fwd, 30? I scouted them (on A-League highlights on Sky:p) but are they going to rise? Do you know...
  5. why not have a list of all those in the game worlds who are free agents it would be easier for those looking to pick up cheap players fingers crossed it will happen! Mentioned many times and this was a feature on SM before SM took it away, So it's a suggestion that SM would not implement based on any points that could be made here, if they ever do introduce it again it will be because SM want to not bcasue they have to or because it adds any benifit to the game.
  6. been on the bench many times so surely hes a first team player so why isnt he on this isnt a scout this is a protest
  7. Re: Greener's Guide to risers around the world.... ryan flynn? his ratings only 69 and is gettin the games at falkirk, played very well against celitic so what do you think
  8. Re: Greener's Guide to risers around the world.... What about Chris Rolfe (Chicago Fire) rated 82 age 26 american kid hat are his prospects? Do you have an idea of what he may rise to or will he stay the same or is he going to drop?
  9. Re: Adrian Paluchowski - Opening Day Extravaganza ! Cheers mate i hope ur right...
  10. Re: Jhojan CAICEDO Sinisterra no offence but thats not the best pic to put on... he looks like a wuss:Dlol
  11. Re: Adrian Paluchowski - Opening Day Extravaganza ! great find guys i have a whole club on sm to buy these players:D BEZRON: those players in ur signiture, are they any good?
  12. Re: Soslan DZHANAEV Spartak Moscows new number 1!!! He's risen to 84. Will he rise more?
  13. Re: Post your 10K Star cheers mate;) just wanna buy the right bloke:cool:
  14. Re: Post your 10K Star Does he play for Flamengo???
  15. Re: a few players ive found ok mate ill have a butchers:confused:i mean look
  16. Re: a few players ive found what about high rated players, but are cheep and unknown. thats what im looking for.
  17. help can any1 else give me a hand and tell me somemore players any price:rolleyes:
  18. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * im a chelsea fan but i just want to quickly say that agbonlahor is class and so is young
  19. Re: a few players ive found I want someone to post some awesome players they have scouted and at any price not just 10k like other threads;)
  20. Umm, well here i go;)... Chris Rolfe, Chicago Fire Dagoberto, Sao Paulo Borges, Sao Paulo Merouane Zemmama, Hibernian Craig Mackail-Smith, Peterborough United Mickael Pagis, Stade Rennais Young-Hak Ahn, Suwon Bluewings All cost in the millions. I wouldn't mind others being posted. PS. You don't have to ask:D
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