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  1. why not have a list of all those in the game worlds who are free agents

    it would be easier for those looking to pick up cheap players

    fingers crossed it will happen!

    Mentioned many times and this was a feature on SM before SM took it away, So it's a suggestion that SM would not implement based on any points that could be made here, if they ever do introduce it again it will be because SM want to not bcasue they have to or because it adds any benifit to the game.

  2. Re: Post your 10K Star

    Bruno Paulo - Flamengo - 2 Starts' date=' 4 Subs, 312 minutes. No goals yet but they will come.

    Victor MANON - 70 > 74/75. (Depends on how he plays in the U17s World Cup)

    [b']Emmanuel GOMEZ[/b] - 70 > 78

    Aleksandar KIROV - 70 > 76/77

    Marco VERRATTI - 70 > 75/76 (easily 80+ in the future)

    Diagne FALLOU - 71 > 74/75

    Amadou SANYANG -70 > 75/76

    cheers mate;)

    just wanna buy the right bloke:cool:

  3. Umm, well here i go;)...

    Chris Rolfe, Chicago Fire

    Dagoberto, Sao Paulo

    Borges, Sao Paulo

    Merouane Zemmama, Hibernian

    Craig Mackail-Smith, Peterborough United

    Mickael Pagis, Stade Rennais

    Young-Hak Ahn, Suwon Bluewings

    All cost in the millions. I wouldn't mind others being posted.

    PS. You don't have to ask:D

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