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  1. Re: more than 3 clubs for basic accounts? Oh ok, that sounds like SM, lol Ty for answering, repped
  2. Re: more than 3 clubs for basic accounts? No, I haven't reserved any club. I thought SM has increased the number of clubs, but now Idk. Any ideas?
  3. I'm a basic account and since I manage 3 clubs I only had the leave button on my home page. Today I noticed I have the add club button again. Are we allowed to have more clubs now? I'm afraid to get a new one because I don't want to leave any of my existing clubs.
  4. Dan D

    Player AI

    Re: Player AI I don't think players are going to get unhappy after not playing a match now and then, especially if they are not quite fit. It would take a longer period without playing. Also, I expect them to be aware of their rating compared to other players in the team. So I don't think you should worry. These are just my thoughts based on my experence in other soccer managing games, but I'm quite confident SM will go on the same lines.
  5. Re: Goalkeeper transfer help needed That worked, my offer has been accepted, thank you
  6. I'm trying to transfer a goalkeeper from an external club, but my offer got rejected, without giving me any reason. My team has 27 players, 2 of which are goalkeepers. The other club has 25 players, 2 of which are goalkeepers. The goalkeeper I'm trying to get is 23 yo/91 rated and is their best player (alongside an older field player with the same rating) and their most expensive player. I offered in exchange a 31/89 goalkeeper, a 32/89 RB/LB and just enough cash to meet their chairman requirements. Any ideas why was the offer rejected or what should I do to get that goalkeeper would be greatly appreciated
  7. Re: The Fadedwolfz Guide to SM Thank you for your answers. Here is the clarification you asked me for: Most of the times when my best CF or LB are not fully fit I use good AM players as CF and good LM players as LB. Should I rather use genuine lower rated CF and LB instead? (from your answer I already know I'm doing something wrong lol) Sorry for bugging you but I have another question many people might be interested to know the answer: What is the best way to use in-game instructions, if we should use them at all? Cheers
  8. Re: The Fadedwolfz Guide to SM Thank you for this great guide. I have a couple of questions: 1. When the best players are not yet fully recovered after the last match is it better to keep using them or to use lower rated replacements? 2. When for various reasons we can't cover all positions with good players is it better to use lower rated players specialised on those positions or to use the best available players even if some of them are slightly out of position? Thank you in advance
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