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  1. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Abdoulay Konko any one think he might go to 89? he went down one last change after only playing 17 games last season. but this season he has played 8 times in the leauge and 3 in the champions leauge.
  2. Re: Injury Prone Players they do in away because if a player is out long term then they drop in rating they dont take into consideration that they are injured! so if you pick a player that misses alot of games then they may not rise or they might fall dispit when fit clearly of a quality that would earn them a higher rateing if they could stay fit so there is a risk there when buyuing such players.
  3. Re: Premier League Team of the Decade both of these are realy good! also its such a hard thing to do thit there is so meany quality teams you could have! second team i would have jamie over hyypia
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i also have suarez, agbonlahor and joetic anyway i made a counter offer of 35m+ivanovitc (i do need a right bk!)
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... iv been offerd 20m+ivanovitc for dzeco what do you thunk of this deal? also i could get negrado to replace him for 14m
  6. Aaron CONWAY has just been added to the DB i know nothing about him he playes for east fife but according to the DB he has the talent of imortality as he is 2009 years old!
  7. Re: Scottish Ratings how my rateings went! GK Robert Olejnik 80-80 after change 80 inconsiten hero to zero all the time will stay 2 DF Darren Barr 85-85/84 after change 84 with falkirks poor form he could fall but should stay he has been performing well and seems to be holding a place in the scotland squad 3 DF Tam Scobbie 82-82/81 after change 82 i think that he has ben poor this season but when fit seems to always play! still seems to hold down a scotland under 21 place so think he will stay 4 DF Marc Twaddle 78-79/80 after change 78 not so gd! started the season well at CB but sin
  8. Re: Islam Feruz CELTIC AND SCOTLAND Wonderkid(PLZ COMMENT) should be playing this thursday at tyncastle this thursday against england!!
  9. Re: Miralem Pjanić agreed! im actuly stunned that he dident go to 89! the fact that EDERSON keep his 90 and he has struggled to get in the starting line up with 8 games 3 starts 5 subs! i just dont get that!
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip do real not have a buy back option on negredo?
  11. Re: Vote for the best youth player right now pato, Pjanic second for me but there is alot of good young players around right now!
  12. Re: £10-£100k risers flynn is 69 btw! anyway there is also MELLIS, Jacob 70- 76/77 he is 18 played 9 times for southampton on loan from chelsea should cost 10-60k Korey Smith 18, 11games 1 goal for norwich 70-76/77 10-60k
  13. Re: George Burley - Sacked! plz no i would rather have burly bk lol in saying that he will be a candidate
  14. Re: New Game World Economies Explained what was ur balance? cos he invests into the club (the balance) and not in to ur transfer kitty so if ur balance was say -200k than that would work out! i might be wrong but i would think that what has happend if not i guess you have just been unlucky and maybe they will notice there mistake and fix it!
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