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  1. Western union Im not sure if i'am posting this in the right place but Every time I log on I am unable to check my team as I get a '' Western Union '' advert blocking all of the options at the top of the screen, how do I get rid of it?
  2. Re: The Official Boxing Thread anyone know what time the mikkel kessler fight is on?
  3. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings amauri whats the score with him will he rise or drop? thanks in advance
  4. Ash Taylor Has started the last few games for tranmere, and has been a star in a poo team, should be a 72+, scored this week against leyton orient tranmeres official site has yet to be updated as he has started a good few games now. http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/sport/tranmere-rovers/2009/11/18/parry-worst-performance-brings-ideal-result-92534-25193346/ http://www.skysports.com/football/match_report/0,19764,11065_3214787,00.html http://www.tranmererovers.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10365~47051,00.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ash_Taylor#Club_career Kithison bain http://www.tranmererovers.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10365~49145,00.html
  5. Re: WING risers angel di maria, royston drenthe, Junior STANISLAS is only a 78 but should go well into the 83-86 in the next change
  6. Re: Amauri also scot brown dont really watch scottish football, he is an 89 at the moment not good enough for my celtic squad unless the is a chance of a rise.
  7. Sorry if iys already been posted but couldnt find it, Will he rise or drop?
  8. Re: BREAKING NEWS - Robert Enke Passes Away If i was in his position, would I want to go on? I dont think I would
  9. Re: Balotelli & Jo Alves when would Balotelli be due to rise
  10. Re: Yossi Benayoun shouls be 91 but if kuyts, carrick, 92 surely he should be level with them
  11. Re: Michael Owen on joining Man Utd - "I've got to earn a living, provide for my fami shall we wrap this up then its getting a bit to heated, lets just forget it and move on. I think we all agree about sick chants not being welcome, so were just going around in circles
  12. Re: Michael Owen on joining Man Utd - "I've got to earn a living, provide for my fami Spelling mistake's there mate
  13. Re: Michael Owen on joining Man Utd - "I've got to earn a living, provide for my fami Thanks for explaining and not just rushing in to accuse people of bad intentions, as I'am in my early 20's and I'am not a follower of Man united's history I wasn't aware of the meaning of the nickname. In future i wont use it, but maybe in future ''Kinkster'' you should try and educate people on why it is an Offensive remark rarther than throw false accusations around:mad:
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