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  1. Saul Niguez and Lucas Hernandez OR Mbappe? Cheers guys
  2. Chances of Lucas Vazquez getting a +1 please? Cheers lads
  3. I have seen coffins with more life in them than this place. Used to be great here - oh my how they let it die...........................................
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Nice. Very nice.
  5. Re: Official Manchester United Thread We need Benitez.
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread John Terry condemning the Chelsea fans in Paris. Ultimate irony right there. Only a minority though - not as though the entire stadium was booing Anton Ferdinand a couple of seasons ago .....oh wait:rolleyes: Stay classy Chelsea
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread How did Luke Chadwick get a missus. Martin Keown have a great sense of humour or a demon in the bedroom? Paul Merson is a sex god to blonde women??? No. They all had a bit of cash and just like women most footballers will jump on that like a ***** in heat. The squad we have is so massively unbalanced that is surprises me we dont just play a 1-0-9 formation (giving mcnair credit there ) The money we have spent/have available to spend means that our pre-season expectations should always be top 2 and last 8 of CL. The rest of your points I can
  8. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread We both know it was a foul;) Just gotta catch up with the Arsenal muppet now who claimed a while back that Szczesny is amongst the top 10 keepers in the world and better than De Gea:D:D:D:D
  9. Re: Official FA Cup Thread Isn't that what the Muslims did? Ba dum tsh;) That is clearly not racist for the politically incorrect muppets wishing love upon all.
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