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  1. Re: Why is SM not acting when a manager is blatantly cheating in my gameworld?? Just to update now what has happened in the past month and a half with the Napoli manager who i think is cheating. He Has sold WIESE, Tim Gk Lyon 29 90 £8.2M £23.0M 16 Nov 2011 GT 02:41 PODOLSKI, Lukas Fwd/Wing Shakhtar 26 90 £11.5M £26.0M 1 Nov 2011 GT 01:43 This deal looks suspicious as his transfer ban had just run out and straight away the same day a bid was placed. The manager who bought the player has previously bought one of Napoli's poorer players for a large some of money RUIZ, Víctor CB Atlético Madrid 22 87 £5.6M £11.9M 11 Oct 2011 GT 05:24 He has Bought IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan CF Milan 30 96 £29.9M £30.0M 1 Nov 2011 GT 18:49 This is defiantly cheating. To make matters worse his friend got offered the AC Milan job when a previous manager quit LLORIS, Hugo Gk Lyon 24 92 £18.8M £26.5M 5 Oct 2011 GT 06:05 So since the last time i tried to report him he has carried out these deals. The accounts that i reported are still logging on one after another and he is still getting deals which are very favorable towards him. With the Ibrahimovic deal when do you ever see him move from a managed club for his chairmans value??? I tried to report the transfer as illegal but i think SM have stopped me reporting against the Napoli manager. The two deals with Lyon are abit suspicious but i dont see them as cheating I am not someone who reports every little thing i will only report people i am 100% sure are breaking the rules and this person is. If anyone has an interest in going into the gameworld and taking a look for themselves the gameworld is World Championship 11205
  2. Re: Why is SM not acting when a manager is blatantly cheating in my gameworld?? Reported to SM and they replied saying SM Support said: 2011-10-06 12:00:25 Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have now investigated and have found insufficient evidence to take any action against these accounts. We are sorry that we cannot help you further at this time. Regards SoccerManager.com Support Team Maybe he isnt cheating but some of the transfer are suspicious still
  3. I am in a gameworld where a manager is cheating and it is so obvious that he is. I have already reported illegal transfers between him and another club and they were reversed. I now believe that he is using multiple accounts in order to get the best teams to his club and also sell his lower valued players for very high prices. I tried to report this manager using the report mulitiple accounts button in the club list page but when I went to send it (after entering all the information that I could) a red box appeared saying that this manager had already been reported and that SM had looked into it and wouldn’t act any further. I really don’t understand this as it is quite obvious that he is cheating. I will explain what he has done (without naming the league) He is in charge of Napoli and his transfers in are ROLFES, Simon DM/CM Bayer Leverkusen 29 91 £11.4M £12.1M CASTRO, Gonzalo Def/DM Bayer Leverkusen 24 90 £11.7M £15.1M THEOPHILE-CATHERINE, Kévin Def Rennes 21 87 £5.5M £7.4M MATA, Juan Manuel Wing/AM Valencia 23 91 £15.6M £22.0M KJAER, Simon CB VfL Wolfsburg 22 90 £14.1M £19.5M WIESE, Tim Gk Werder Bremen 29 90 £8.2M £10.9M MARIN, Marko Wing/Fwd Werder Bremen 22 90 £14.1M £19.8M PATO, Alexandre Fwd Milan 22 92 £25.9M £12.0M & M.HAMSIK MERTESACKER, Per CB Werder Bremen 27 92 £15.8M £24.0M BOJAN, Krkic Fwd Roma 21 88 £8.1M £3.4M & M.DONADEL ZHIRKOV, Yuri LM/LB Anzhi 28 90 £10.3M £549k & G.MASCARA & L.CIGARINI BOTIA, Alberto CB Sporting 22 88 £6.3M £1.3M & B.DZEMAILI & N.AMODIO SISSOKO, Moussa CM/DM Toulouse 22 89 £9.5M P.CANNAVARO & A.ROSATI DZSUDZSAK, Balázs Wing/AM Anzhi 24 90 £11.7M £1.3M & J.ZUNIGA & S.ARONICA PODOLSKI, Lukas Fwd/Wing 1. FC Koln 26 90 £8.6M £500k & H.CAMPAGNARO &N.DUMITRU RIISE, John Arne LB/LM Fulham 31 90 £7.4M £1.4M & L.RINAUDO & G.GRAVA Transfers out BUCCHI, Cristian CF Valencia 34 80 £700k £1.9M INLER, Gökhan CM/DM Palermo 27 90 £11.3M £25.0M ( was transfer listed for 15m yet the new Palermo boss bids 10m over the asking price LICCARDO, Crescenzo CM/DM Rubin 20 75 £340k £1.2M DE SANCTIS, Morgan Gk Vélez Sársfield 34 90 £6.6M £14.0M CAVANI, Édinson Fwd Internazionale 24 91 £10.8M £10.0M & G.PAZZINI BRITOS, Miguel CB VfL Wolfsburg 26 86 £3.9M £6.7M FERNANDEZ, Federico CB/RB Rubin 22 85 £4.3M £8.2M MAGGIO, Christian RM/RB Palermo 29 90 £8.6M £18.5M BOGLIACINO, Mariano AM/CM VfL Wolfsburg 31 86 £3.3M £3.5M & B.THOELKE &A.FOMITSCHOW SANTANA, Mario Wing/AM Rennes 29 89 £8.1M £16.0M GARGANO, Wálter DM/CM Club América 27 89 £9.0M £16.2M VITALE, Luigi LM/LB Chivas de Guadalajara 23 85 £5.4M £10.5M The transfers highlighted in red are ones which I think are very unusual and look suspicious. With the Juan Mata transfer the manager received a higher bid from a club other than Napoli (i no this as the manager didn’t disclose the offer) yet the lower offer from Napoli was accepted. The transfers that were revered where Van der Wiel and Verthogen from Ajax he paid just over their chairman valuation. I saw some of the transfers and believed that they were suspicious looking so looked into the managers buying and selling him players. There are four accounts which I believe that are linked to his main one. The four accounts were all created on the same day and have things like same birthdays and from the same country. They also all log in one after another and the managers are jumping round from club to club doing deals with Napoli. It really seems to be running the gameworld in my opinion. Should I try again to report him to SM? Though I have read that SM will take action against your account if reporting in the wrong though I am 100% sure that he is cheating.
  4. Re: SMFA blocks all my deals...what to do?? Came across this after reading about your problem hope it helps Transfer Blocked The SMFA will block any transfer that they deem unusual or dubious. Their decision is aided by our Automated Transfer Monitoring System (ATMS) and is not personal or a judgement on you. The deal could have been blocked for a variety of reasons such as not being fair, too heavily weighted towards one club or issues with one or more of the managers accounts. If you feel the deal is fair and there are no issues with your account then the problem may be with the other managers account which the SMFA cannot discuss. The ATMS 'learns' over time about managers and how fairly they are playing the game. Managers that continually break the rules will find it harder and harder to deal with other managers and more and more of their transfers will be blocked. If the SMFA have blocked you from conducting transfers with another manager, they will not reverse their decision and it is advisable to look elsewhere to conduct your transfers.
  5. Re: World Championship 10213 Discussion Thread Bent signs for fulham and complete short term loan deal for walcott
  6. Re: Looking to Start A New Forumer Filled World Championship. Comment If Intrested. I will join up There is a new World Championship 10207 opening 12:00 (GT) 26 Oct 2010. It may be too soon to start then though would probably be better to spread the word that the forumers are starting a new one and get more people interested first so that the league will be full. Maybe wait a week or so? (just an idea) Look at World Championship 10000 thats been full for weeks now because everyone wants to get involved (i no as i have been trying to get into it and have never seen it not at 100%) and if someone leaves others are there willing to take their place. Thats what this would need to be as well so that the game stays competitive and doesnt die after a few weeks. I dont like how some people are saying they will only join if they get a good team. Thats means that if they dont they wont join. Everyone wants a good team i understand that but for the league to be a success people are going to have to be the lesser teams such as FC København, SK Rapid Wien etc. I will happy take a lesser team if it means the league is going to be full and competitive
  7. I was wondering how I tell SM that the transfers within one of my gameworlds is not going through. It seems as though there is something wrong. i made a deal a few days ago and said transfer would be complete within 24 hours but that time has passed and still nothing has happened. Do i report this as a bug? or under another category?
  8. Re: Cheating? I do think that this is a form of cheating. Have you tried messaging him to ask what he is doing? I would suggest this and see what he has to say. I would then allow him 24 hours to respond. If and depending on his reponse i would rebid for the player or if you believe he will do it again submit a ticket to SM and see what they think.
  9. Re: Who shall I repport to when I for sure have found a cheater? http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=68548 I had similar problem few days ago. Reported it to SM in as much detail as possible. SM deleted cheating managers account and other manager was removed from gameworld. SM also reversed all transfers. So send ticket in as much detail as possible and SM will look into it and if cheating occurs users will be punished
  10. Re: Cheating...... Submitted the ticket last night and Sm got back to me today saying: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have now investigated this matter and suspended the managers and also reversed any transfers they have done. This is because we take a zero tolerance approach towards in-game cheating. Regards SoccerManager.com Support Team SM Support Team Thanks again for the help from the people who replied. Hopefully people will stop with the cheating if they see SM are taking it seriously and will suspend accounts
  11. Re: Cheating...... Thanks for taking the time to have a look, really appreciate it. I dont want to be accusing someone of cheating that really isnt but i do think that what the Milan manager is doing isnt right as he knows that he is leaving the game doesnt care about the team. Yet someone has to take over from him when he leaves. You seem make good points in that it could be that they are just friends and that is why the deals are the way they are. I will send a ticket now to SM and see what they do about it. If i can i will let you know what happens if anything Thanks again
  12. Re: Cheating...... Ok thanks for the replies. I havnt submitted a ticket yet as i dont want to be annoying the SM people as i submitted the illegal bit less than 24 hours ago. If nothing has been done by tomorrow morning i will send a ticket explaining what is happening. Jooles if you hve time and want to see for yourself i am in World Championship 9175 to see if I am right in saying that it is cheating and you think i should report it. Also just there now the manager has offered me the player that i want to buy. It is so tempting as it is a player that i really want to sign but as you said you where brought in for cheating as a result of doing business with a cheat so i dont want that to happen to me.
  13. There is an awful lot of cheating going on in sm. i understand that it is hard to identify at times but some of the deals are really obvious and even when reported seem to stay the same and dont get reversed. Earlier today i messaged a manager who has all his squad for sale. i had made a bid the previous day but he had been online and didnt respond to my offer (which i have now removed as i dont want to deal with cheats). He did however accept an offer for one of his better players who is rated 94. In the message i asked what was he looking for incase i hadnt offered enough and he was thinking about it. He responded saying something about making him an offer but i cant understand it as he doesnt speak english and i was confused by his message. he then however messaged me back this time in better english saying that i need to do a deal as quick as possible as he is leaving the team soon as his gold membership will expire in next few days. I was then in looking at his squad and noticed he had accepted another bid for a player again highly rated but still not for the player i wanted. i then went and looked and noticed that he has sold three of his best players to the same team and not got very good deals for these players. I then looked at both managers and they are friends. So it is pretty obvious that the manager that is leaving as a result of his gold membership expiring is selling all his best players to his friend for as cheap as possible. This has to be considered cheating. I havnt sent a ticket but reported the deals as illegal in the All Transfers section of my gameworld. Do you think the transfers will be reversed? I am asking as i have previousy reported a manager who was getting his friend to sell him Dzeko then leaving the game yet nothing happened and its seems as they are getting away with this which i believe is unfair on the rest who play fairly.
  14. Re: Exchanging Players the problem Ferguson Aw ok I didn’t no that. Do you no how it has gone within those game worlds? Phil (GT) I understand what you are saying. do you not think though that there is a problem, in that the transfer market is very unrealistic and IMO it is down to the player exchanges within transfers. The reason I was suggesting the idea was because when you make a money offer for a player most of the time the other manager returns asking for two of your best players. So i was just thinking maybe money only game worlds would be the solution or even an attempt to see the result. Do you have any idea how the money only game worlds have gone? Thanks for replying as well
  15. I think that the player exchanges within transfers are the reason that money within SM game worlds is not valuable. It results in nearly all transfers involving the exchange of one player for two. And when money only offers are made then the other manager returns demanding no money but two players in exchange I think that SM should try and create a game world where no exchange transfers are allowed and only cash deals. I believe that if a game world like this was created then it would probably result in more realistic transfers between managers. A similar thread i have seen and read was this by thenaughtyforty http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=59197 They are saying that to get young talented risers he can not just buy then for money he is having to exchange two talented players for them and also suggests some ideas that SM could introduce.
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