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  1. Re: Chinese up next. How far will Drogba drop? I mean, he hasn't even played for them yet has he since winning the CL?
  2. Re: Which trade to learn? What I mean by that is you need to look at the economic situation. There are literally thousands upon thousands of the people in the trades that you mention and I have a lot of friends in them. They as a general rule are all really struggling at the moment not only due to the lack of money but also the cheap labour on the market from the likes of the Polish who come in and undercut them on every job they quote for. People don't necessarily want a dodgy job done by an Eastern European but what that often means is having to revise your prices, reducing your money, income etc. Just out of interest, when you talk about trades why don't you mention IT? What a couple of my younger more savvy mates are doing nowadays is doing a trade course at college but at the same time doing something revolving around business so that they are not limiting themselves to just being a brickie for example but also having a fallback plan. Years ago I trained to be a chippy as an apprentice, got bored really quickly and moved into office work, then into sales. Nowadays (Took a few years mind) I'm rarely stuck in an office, get paid to get people drunk, regularly fly around Europe and to the USA. Last week I got offered a job in Singapore for 2 years, if I was younger and didn't have family commitments I'd be off like a shot. You don't get that sort of opportunity being a plumber nowadays. By the way, I had bugger all qualifications when I left school so you're probably already one up on me. Just take it from an older head in here, all this "You must get a trade" nonsense is exactly that, nonsense and in most cases a one way ticket to a council house and mediocrity in your life.
  3. Re: Which trade to learn? Would you classify yourself as intelligent or thick? Will go a long way to determining your path young padowan. Can you hold a conversation away from the internet? Why do you choose to do something with your hands rather than with your brain?
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Quick question which I'm hoping somebody may be able to answer... In some set ups I have a lot of players out on loan. These are GW's that I have been part of since day one and are now maybe 3 years old. I am not one of these people to buy Messi straight away but buy risers and build my team up gradually from a lower league. Now I've come through the leagues and have built a great squad the hard way, which involves lots of hours researching players, doing good deals by buying and exchanging players, I am now being penalised for it so some 40 rated noob can come in and buy the players he wants. Fair? Don't think so somehow. Anyway, back on point. I have always tended to rotate my 2nd 11 and some risers with a season out on loan and a season being a reserve, this way I have managed the lack of game concerns with the out on loan concerns. However, I now have the likes of Balotelli, Neymar, Alba, hernandez out on loan with level 3 lack of game concerns and level 2 out on loan concerns. If I'm right, multiple concerns adding up to 5 the player requests a transfer? In which case, in a couple of weeks when the season ends they will all hand in transfer requests when they return from their loan period? I don't want to risk recalling anyone to test this out. Has anyone come across this scenario yet? The new concerns system came into play while they were all on loan and has caught me with my pants down so to speak!
  5. Re: Should I swap Kaka for Gotze? ... or someone else? I'd try and mug somebody for the likes of David Silva, Ozil or Iniesta with a Kaka plus cash deal. A fool in a game world I'm part of just parted with Iniesta for Kaka + 20m so it's worth trying.
  6. Re: Should I swap Kaka for Gotze? ... or someone else? Depends if you think you'll still be sat there with that team in 2 years time as that's how long it will take Gotze to get a higher rating I reckon, even if he does get a big move.
  7. Re: Dance Music! You have experienced nothing until you sample the Don OG. OrjiEZfdHh8 If you want something a bit gentler, then this is a love song he recently made for his facebook girlfriend. I think it's beautiful. 6nniC1LkUrw However, upon discovering that his facebook girlfriend wasn't in fact a girl, not 18 or 14 but a set up from a reporting team who call themselves "Nonce Hunters" he released this video in his defence via BBC News 24. This is a MUST WATCH. If you don't find this funny then you need a sense of humour bypass. uDgTMHLd45s
  8. Re: Site speed so poor This game is becoming more poo week by week. Nothing done about cheats, legitimate transfers blocked, too many GW's being created so the ones that you've spent years building a great squad up in die and now you can't even pick up your flippin results. Bunch of jokers.
  9. Re: Balotelli or Lukaku Balotelli. He's a man Utd player and wasting his talent at a small club like citeh. Lukaku is going to go one way or the other. Good potential but needs game time, he should go out on loan to a Bolton or somebody just to get some PL experience under his belt and show what he's made of.
  10. Re: Man Utd or Man City? City have the much better squad on SM unfortunately. However, if you go with class rather than ratings then with United your first priority is always a GK and a RB. Then you can slowly start trashing and burning the rest of them.
  11. Re: Less Populated Gameworlds Same thing happened in an English championship I'm in a month or so ago. I think it had 3 or 4 managers in place for the past year then all of a sudden 20 teams got filled within a day. Pretty sure they're all the same Nigerian guy but it doesn't bother me as I'm romping it and he's not doing dodgy deals between the teams, just putting out reserve teams against his "Best" team.
  12. Re: Cheating? And the problem with that is?? Your team, you sell the player to whoever you want for as much as you want. If there is another bid on the player from another managed team which is much higher then yes, slap on the wrists but if not so what? That would at least then add a bit of realism to the game.
  13. Re: Cheating? Isn't one of SM's marketing slogans's something like "It's more fun to play with friends"??? I've had this issue, a mate joins your GW, you sell him a couple of players you don't really need for sensible money (On the transfer list anyway) to get them started, loan them a couple of players (Who are on the loan list anyway so anybody could of had them). Next thing you know, all transfers reversed and blocked from doing any further transfers between each other. This game is turning into an effin joke with the robot mini Hitler running the game, SM preaching one thing and then cocking it up the next minute. They don't listen to any reasoning, I mean, one of us is in Manchester the other in Bournemouth so it's not like we're both on the same IP address, yet that doesn't get you any further than "The cheat detection system says"... Or as in Little Britain "The computer says no"... Basically, ignore the marketing ** and don't be in the same GW as your mates unless you want to stitch them up and be Mr mega competitive twonk.
  14. Re: SERIOUSLY?!!! Reserve Club Sorry mate but you're talking rubbish. I picked up 6 Man Utd's and a brand spanking new Real Madrid the other night for nothing. That's not including the 3 or 4 that I got and resigned from (Been owned by an idiot before and raped). The best time is about 12.30 - 1.30 AM and just keep clicking on the team you want and they'll appear. There's so many new GW's being created that at that time of the morning you have the pick of the best teams. Alternatively, pay £2, it's hardly gonna break the bank.
  15. I'm playing against a strong team that uses this formation today. The only other time I've encountered it I used 4-4-2 and got battered. Any suggestions? Overall the other team probably has a +1 advantage.
  16. Re: Beating 5-4-1 Thanks chaps, I'll give this a go next time. I had a mini crisis at work and never got around to changing my tactics from my usual 3-5-2 and needless to say lost 3-1... I play him again in the league on Christmas eve (18 game season) so any more thoughts or ideas before then will be appreciated. I've managed to sort my problem at LB so now my 1st 11 would be from this lot - GK - Casillas RB - Alves / Ramos CB - Nesta / Ramos / Pepe / Silva LB - A. Cole / Vermaelen Wing - Ribery, Silva, Nani, Arshavin DM/CM - Alonso, Schweinsteiger AM - Sneijder, Gerrard, Stankovic FW - Villa, Eto'o, Rooney Subs Toulalan De Jong Sahin Benzema Mertesacker I used to play 5-4-1 hence all of the CB's but hit a brick wall where I couldn't even draw a game so binned it when a fool decided to sell the like of Villa and Rooney. Anyway, any thoughts on getting the best out of this lot against him and making my Christmas eve a happy one would be appreciated. 4-5-1 in some way shape or form seems the favoured way ahead at the moment.
  17. Re: Beating 5-4-1 Playing this team again in the charity shield final. Any new ideas? He's still using the same team and tactics as further down the thread. I really want to turn this team over!!!
  18. Why??? Is it just to get a bigger transfer fee in the summer or does he really lack ambition? http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/neymar-extends-santos-contract/news/anzeigen_75861.html Never gonna get that 95/96 at this rate
  19. Re: Riferimento: Goal Ratio: Let's Make it Reasonable I need his tactics. Haven't had a player score more than 20 goals a season since Muniain was a forward in division 3 nearly 18 months ago. He then got 32 goals in 37 appearances so still nothing on this guy!
  20. Re: Your Chairman Will Not Loan Out This Player I get the same thing happen occasionally. I don't think there's any logic behind it, just happens to some random players. A couple of days ago I couldn't loan out Affelay but I could Nani?... It can't be concerns related either as in another GW I couldn't loan out a player with a level 4 gametime concern but I could loan out a player with a level 3 loan concern.. Just one of these stupid things SM does to test our sanity I fear.
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