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  1. Re: How to lose league one I was wondering when a thread like this was going to be made, I thought I was the only saints fan on the fourm. As for the sacking, I am deeply shocked I think Nicola Cortese has got mad!
  2. After there low placing in the German league last year and 'The Wolly In The Brolly' taking over I wanted to build a good squad with them. Please could someone help me in deciding who to sell, keep and buy. Link to squad http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=873217&clubid=18221276&sid=52502 Thanks In Advance.
  3. Re: Summer Official Transfers Thread 2010 Yeah Bournemouth Rejected A Bid But Then Blackpool Made A Improved Offer. Marseille Have Confirmed They Have Reached An Agreement With Nice For Striker Loric Remy.
  4. Re: Summer Official Transfers Thread 2010 Blackpool have agreed a fee with Bournemouth for striker Brett Pitman. The striker is now in talks with Blackpool. :/
  5. I have been offered Mladen Petric of Hamburger SV and Daniele De Rossi of Roma in a straight swap for Steven Gerrard. So should i acept the deal remember i have Steven Gerrard atm.
  6. As The Meerkat Says Simples:rolleyes:, Will Rafael Marquez At Barca Rise, Stay Or Fall?
  7. In My Cm Postion I Have Too Many Players I Was Wondering Which Ones I Shall Sell Thanks In Advance Haydenjaydabest. Here Are The Players... ZANETTI, Javier STANKOVIC, Dejan MUNTARI, Sulley Ali GERRARD, Steven VAN DER VAART, Rafael HAMSIK, Marek RIQUELME, Juan Román
  8. Re: Sergio Canales: The New La Liga Superstar ! Why u telling us about Sergio Canales when we are allready aware of his qualities and potenial.
  9. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Hey, If you want to hear tips of diffrent types of games and maps, search BobGodz on youtube he is brilliant player and commentator plus he has loads of subscribers including me Haydenjaydabest.
  10. Re: My Manchester United Report And... guess who is manager of Jueventus.. meee!
  11. Re: Newcastle United, the long road to Victory. Hi, welcome to the forum as you may have allready noticed I am in the same league as your Newcastle I have acepted your offer or Sissokho (spelling) I look forward to playing you in the near future.
  12. Re: New custom game world Put me down im in hayden jay (Christiano Ronaldo pic)
  13. Re: 66 mill to spend I recon you should get a back up left-back to cover Evra when he is injured and has a lack of match fitness.
  14. Re: Forum Dream Team Did you say i could join if so pm me the user and pass
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