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  1. Re: WHO ARE Sporting De Braga ?? Well celtic out before we can even reach the play off's tut tut tut!!! Well done to braga and good luck in the play offs, I hope they do well. Thanks you guys from portugal who firstly replied you were spot on with the dangermen from braga.
  2. Re: WHO ARE Sporting De Braga ?? ttp://www.freelivesportstv.com/soccer/2010/08/03/watch-celtic-v-sporting-braga-online-free-live-streaming-video-uefa-champions-league-wednesday-august-4-2010-1945-bst/ This is the link for tonight's game if anyone is interested. Mon the hoop
  3. Re: WHO ARE Sporting De Braga ?? He was'nt for the initial deadline, but uefa allow you too change 1 player.
  4. Re: WHO ARE Sporting De Braga ?? I hope so mate, judging by the first game if celtic get an early goal and get the crowd rocking I think the braga guys will **** themselves. I hope Mcgeady hangs around for it and we start with fortune, hooper upfront. "Hail Hail"
  5. Re: WHO ARE Sporting De Braga ?? What a horror result !!! I guess now we know who Sporting de braga are ... I see what you mean derby about Braga behing meh !! I was'nt hugely impressed by braga, which makes it all the depressing being a celtic fan The guy Alan was certainly a handful for the celtic defence but felt the young lads did well defending him. In the end braga score 3 all from set pieces. Celtic need to hope they can keep hold of McGeady for the 2nd leg too be in with a chance of even scoreing 1 goal never mind 4. What is your guy's thought on how the next leg will go ???
  6. Re: Zaluska new celtic #1 gk ?
  7. Re: UEFA Euro u19 Championship - Scouting Thought i'd post this, these spanish young guys have absorbed alot o confidence from the top team. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/article/19275/
  8. Re: Scottish Premier League Summer Transfer Ratings 2010 Gary cooper was 3rd top scorer in championship last season behind whittingham at cardiff (22 goals) and maynard at bristol city (21 goals) with 19 goals in 27league games (START'S). The guy leaves shorpe being there most expensive outgoing transfer at the quoted 2.5 mill ( as I believe !?!). I really do hope he hit's the ground running at parkhead if he signs !!, it's the 1 area i'm nervous about so far.
  9. Re: Scottish Premier League Summer Transfer Ratings 2010
  10. Re: James Forrest - Celtic Winger Nice write up mate, watched first half off the sporting lisbon v celts and he looked promising too say the least, not really sure how he done second half.
  11. Re: Zaluska new celtic #1 gk ? Indeed mate, Boruc was by far the greatest goalkeeper too wear the hoops in a very long time, he was also a very colourful character that entertained the crowd with erratic gestures lol. He will be missed at parkhead, and whether zaluska can reach the heights boruc did remains too be seen. Indications from zaluska soo far is that he is more than capable replacement. I also believe he is on the verge of an international call up for poland. I do think however that with the rebuilding that is happening at celtic a veteran of James quality is exactly what celtic need just now, with talks of hinkel being benched for Cha Du Ri too take the Rb slot we will be lacking experience in defence on the euro stage. So with james on the goal line behind the back four he would most certainly keep the young/new guys on there toes. And from here i'll certainly be following fiorentina with closer inspection, looking out for how well boruc will do out there. I hope he claims the no1 spot from FREY and has the time off his life out there, he's a great guy and deserves more than he has endured these last few years.
  12. Re: Zaluska new celtic #1 gk ? Well it look's like david james has jumped too the top of the replacement list, Sky sports have reported that his agent approached celtic after the conclusion off boruc's move too Italy. I'd expect if celtic complete the signing off David james he will grab the number 1 spot. Either way i'd expect zaluska too be in for some kind off rise, as it stand I think a 86/87 is probable, It may be a little early however too be discussing rises on the scottish league as they have just been done recently. Anyhow i'm hoping we get the England number 1 at celtic, as good as zaluska may be I think for this season with the rookie defence we have (depending on Campbell signing) an experienced goalkeeper in james would be a massive signing.
  13. Re: WHO ARE Sporting De Braga ?? Thanks pedro for that information, yes 50-50 would seem a fair early assumption, They certainly look too have a good solid defence and goalkeeper. Vandinho looks like he pulls the strings in midfield, alan on the wing could be in with a great chance considering celtics well publicised weakness on the left side, offcourse celtic purchased mulgrew too fill the LB slot and add strength. The season past celtic were very frail in defence due too injuries but even though these injured player's are back in contention i'm still worried we might be exposed. All in all it looks an exciting fixture for both teams, and i'm sure Braga will be excited at the prospect off playing in glasgow too a almost guaranteed 620000 crowd. Here's hoping the celtic fans do turn out in full voice too cheer the bhoy's along, I certainly think we will need too have that 12th man as braga definitely seem capable opponents. Fingers crossed we as fans can really unsettle these player's and welcome them too Glasgow with a deafening roar!!
  14. Glasgow Celtic V Sporting De Braga UEFA champions league qualifier third round Firstly I would like too apologise if the header seems arrogant but I genuinely know nothing off this team. Does any portuguese followers have any info on this current squad? Like transfers recently in/out, player's too watch, thought's on how they can progress against celtic fc? I'm a celtic fan and very interested on what we are up against as they seem a relatively unknown entity. Haveing read there wikipedia im already impressed that they only just missed out on the portuguese top spot by a mere 5 points behind benfica and also 5 points ahaed of porto. Thanks
  15. Re: Thomas Rogne - Norwegian Starlet Celtic, on their way to their SPL championship-winning cruise, went through a period of injury that devastated their regular back-line. Celtic did'nt win the championship mate rangers were the team that cruised. In the very short time he has played at celtic when not injured hes been solid, I hope the lad does do well for celtic but i'm sceptical as I can't say I rate a single player that mowbray brought too celtic other than kamara and keane (loaned) and both off those guys have now returned too there clubs.
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