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  1. Re: Scout No because on Fifa 10 which i'm sure some of you have it, you scout people, so I was just wondering if you do stuff like that on here.
  2. Re: Scout Ok thanks. How do I take notes lol.
  3. Re: Scout Yeah thats what I mean, how do I do that?
  4. Re: gk gets red cards and injuries I think there doing it so you can use to goal keepers.
  5. How do you scout players? Or can't you?
  6. Re: I brought a player yes thank you
  7. Re: Upload Photos You know like a photo on the forum
  8. Re: I brought a player ok thank you i'll try it
  9. Re: Heyy Just joined Sm and the forum Hello I'm Connor Ryan I just Joined Sm and the forum:)
  10. How do i upload photos can someone help me thank you
  11. I brought a player and I can't find him in the team? can someone help me please thank you
  12. Re: What song is stuck in your head? UB40 - Kingston Town
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