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  1. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o That is a wicked sig, one of the best i have seen, would you mind me using it? Thanks KangarooJack09.
  2. Re: My Portfolio of designs Hi paul, would you be able to design me a sig like the one above, but instead of Lennon can i have Ashley Young and instead of 'Tottenham Hotspur the pride of London, can i have 'Aston Villa the pride of the Midlands' the same stripes but claret and blue. If you can't no probs. Thanks KangarooJack09
  3. Re: Forum Dream Team Hi everyone, when are we going to start talking tactics as time is ticking away until our first game.
  4. Re: Forum Dream Team Hi everyone, may not be able to post in a while, computer is playing up.
  5. Re: Forum Dream Team We have now signed so far: Insua - £4.0mill Santon - £6.8mill Pedro - £3.0mill Yarmolenko - £1.0mill Andre Santos - £3.85mill Fox - £3.5mill Forbes - £20,000 Poli - £3.5mill Ranocchia - £1.85 Kjaer - £2.5mill + Anton Ferdinand Collapesed Deals: McCartney going to WBA collapsed due to insufficient funds. Sold: Carson to Tranmere for £40,000 Richardson to Newcastle for £7.5mill Reid to WBA for £5.0mill Bardsley to Huddersfield for £4.4mill
  6. Re: Forum Dream Team I'm off now. Will be back on in the morning seya.
  7. Re: Forum Dream Team Yer i agree. We should defo get D.M
  8. Re: Forum Dream Team Yer i would cancel F and get J as Ed said above, as we could always put in a new offer for F if he is needed. Are we going to get TS from A?
  9. Re: Forum Dream Team Yer agree on L.D as not any competiton at the minute, but if someone else makes a bid then we can just up our offer. In the new bid will we still include C.
  10. Re: Forum Dream Team Now that the Leeds manager has resigned shall we put a new bid in for G and also cancel F and put offer in on J?
  11. Re: Forum Dream Team Jovetic offer from Leicester has been withdrawn.
  12. Re: Forum Dream Team Offer of 3.5mill for Fulop from Charlton. What are we doing with this offer?
  13. Re: Forum Dream Team That is whats happening with the transfer in's at the minute. Hope that help KangarooJack09.
  14. Re: Forum Dream Team We could sign N off V in La liga, although there is only a small chance that he will go up. I can't think of anyone else at the minute.
  15. Re: Forum Dream Team Really dissapointed about losing out on Jovetic and Granero.:mad: ERRRRRR Leeds United and Leicester City!!!!
  16. Re: Forum Dream Team Who were the targets that we missed out on, i know one of them was Mannone, who were the others?
  17. Re: Forum Dream Team Hello everyone, i've just looked through the last 6/7 pages trying to catch up, since i last logged on about 3. I have so far gathered that we have sold Reid, Richardson and Bardsley and had bids accepted on Kjaer and Moxey and signed Insua (What a signing:D). Is there anything i have missed apart from that?
  18. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Thanks Zampa that is awsome. You've been repped. :D:)
  19. Re: How to upload sig? Thanks everyone for the help.
  20. Re: How to upload sig? Can you see the sig under this post now or not? I did not think it would be this confusing to upload.
  21. How do you upload your sig so that it is shown whenever you post. I have gone on edit signuture, but it still does not show up, i click on insert sig and in the box it says some words and i take it your suppoused to insert something between them but what? Please help KangarooJack09.
  22. Re: Forum Dream Team Thanks drseanfitz. Good luck with your Huddersfield side.
  23. Re: Forum Dream Team Are we going to do this?
  24. Re: Forum Dream Team Swanseajack can you send me a message of the players we are signing on the Forum dream team and for how much. Thanks.
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