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  1. Re: Forum Dream Team Why don't we just tell everyone in the Forum dream team by private message who we are bidding for and how much. I know it will take a while but it will stop people robbing our targets.
  2. Re: Is this deal worth it? I would do that deal as long as you can get a good replacement for Lahm for £23mill in your set-up.
  3. Re: Forum Dream Team I think we should accept 6mill for Campbell, but see what others say first.
  4. Re: Forum Dream Team What is the chairman value on Campbell?
  5. Re: Forum Dream Team What is the max we can bid on Forbes?
  6. Re: Forum Dream Team Have you shorlisted the other players we are interested in, so that we don't miss out on them if someone else bids.
  7. Re: KEKO - Ateltico Gem and Canales (Future Stars) I have Keko and have been offered Canales for him. Who would you have out of the two for future potential, not the immediate future. 100th post
  8. Re: Forum Dream Team If this is the squad we will end up with i think we will need to sign 1 or 2 more quality midfielders, because with a midfield of Diarra, Cattermole, Granero and Busquets, i don't think it is quite strong enough. What do you think?
  9. Re: Forum Dream Team So once all transfers are done the squad will look something like this: Goalkeepers: Gordon Mannone (If we can get him) Defenders: Santon Pique Kjaer Turner Andre Santos D.Fox Moxey Midfielders Diarra Busquets Cattermole Granero Pedro Forbes Henderson Strikers Hulk Jovetic Bent Jones That's all i can remember. Add more if you know more.
  10. Re: Forum Dream Team I'm still not sure about keeping Ferdinand. We could get a younger player in for a rise for what we could sell him for E.G Kjaer.
  11. Re: Forum Dream Team His last rating change was on the 15/5/09
  12. Re: Forum Dream Team We could sign Kjaer from Palermo as back-up centre-back.
  13. Re: Forum Dream Team I'm liking the look of this side. We could get Ramires instead of Busquets, depending on funds.
  14. Re: Forum Dream Team Definate Targets: Forbes 64 - 80/81/82 Pedro 83 - 89 Granero 87 - 89 Busquets 88 - 90 Pique 90 - 92 Diarra 91 - 92/93 Jovetic 88 - 90 Hulk 88 - 89/90 Moxey 73 - 83/82 Mannone 70 - 78/79/80 (Don't think we will get him.) Delac 83 - 85 Santon 86 - 88 Fox 84 - 86/87 Motta 88 - 90 Poli 82 - 85+ Ranocchia 80 - 83+ Bonnuci 80 - 83+ Keeping: Gordan 89 - 88/89 Ferdinand 87 - 87 Turner 87 - 88/87 Cattermole 87 - 88/87 Henderson 78 - 84/83 Bent 88 - 89 Jones 87 - 88/87 I would keep be happy with the targets in Blue. Not so sure about Busquets and Ferdinand.
  15. Re: Forum Dream Team What about signing Bruno Alves for centre-back?
  16. Re: Forum Dream Team Anything important happened since about 1. I looked for my last comment and it was about 6 or 7 pages ago. Read through a few and saw that we were discussing tactics and transfer targets. Any major decisions been made?
  17. Re: Forum Dream Team So players like Pique, Lass Diarra, Granero, Pedro, Pablo Hernandez, Forbes and Ranocchia are the ones we are going for.
  18. Re: Forum Dream Team Should we get a short-list of who everyone wants too sign so that we can put bids in for the players that we want straight away?
  19. Re: Forum Dream Team So the people who will have the login are Butler, Pazzano,Ashh, SwanseaJack and Edmoses. Will any of you be posting screenshots of the squad when we have a team and screenshots of results once we have played our first game? KangarooJack09.
  20. Re: Forum Dream Team Are players like Pique, Diarra, Pablo Hernandez, Pedro and granero available? If so i will go along with us staying in this league. KangarooJack09.
  21. Re: Forum Dream Team Yer but if we take on a team with 3 games already gone, players like Pique and Lass Diarra may have been bought by another team already.
  22. Re: Forum Dream Team I think we should go for Pablo Hernandez, in for a rise from 88 to 90. What do you think?
  23. Re: moussa sissoko deal Yer i would do that deal as Sissoko can be a future 90+ rated player, where as Larsson and O'Connor will never get to that level. So yer accept as long as you have good back-ups for the two players, you would be using in exchange. KangarooJack09
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