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  1. Re: Forum Dream Team Thanks for the welcome Ashh. KangarooJack09.
  2. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Hey would anyone be kind enough to make me a sig of Aston Villa fc with Ashley Young and James Milner in it. If it is possible could the colour behind the players be claret and blue and at the bottom right corner, could it please say AVFC, a bit like the one designed for Jangwook by Zampa. I would appreciate this a lot. Thanks KangarooJack09.
  3. Re: who should i snap up from this transferlist ?? If i was you i would get Thiago Silva, then if you have the money get Tosic for the future.If you want just first team players then go for Thiago Silva, and like everyone else has said Yaya Toure.
  4. Re: Ashley Williams Is Ashley Williams the real deal, can he go on to better things and play in the premiership. I can sign him in one of my setups and money is no question, so i was just wondering wheteher his rating could go to like 88 in the future. Thanks KangarooJack09
  5. Re: Apart from Kaka, Diego, RVDV and Sneijer, who are the best AM's? You've got Ozil although he rose recently, Ashley Young can play attacking mid, there is Afellay and also Renato Augusto can play attacking mid all though not as his first position. Hope i've helped KangarooJack09.
  6. Re: Forum Dream Team I'm going to go for Sunderland.
  7. Re: Forum Dream Team I am going to vote for Division 4 as i like to have a challenge. Thanks for letting me join. KangarooJack09
  8. Re: Length of injuries!! Is this a bad idea then?
  9. The other day a thought came to me about a way to get around long term injuries that Soccer Manager could put into the game. As we know when a player suffers say a 5 week injury this rules them out of at least 10 games, this is without including cup games, if this happens in a European championship this is a lot of games. So the idea that i have is when a player gets injured there is an option for the player to go and have surgery. This would of course cost the manager and for now say that cost is £1million and would reduce the players injury by 1 week. There is a maximum of times you can use this function and say that it is twice per season, so that the manager would have to think carefully about using the function. What do you other forumers think? Post whether you think this is a good or a bad idea, i just wondered if this would be a useful appliance to the game. Thanks KangarooJack09.
  10. Re: Chagas or Granero? Yer i agree with you Mr.Adamski. I have heard very good things about Paulo Henrique Chagas, but have also heard very good things about Granero, that is why i have asked everyone on the forum as it is for my Division 4 challenge with Bradford so i don't want to make a massive mistake. Oh and thanks Mr.Adamski, i appreciate the help.
  11. Re: Forum Dream Team If there is a position available in this froum dream team i would be very interested, this is because i see that Chewis resigned, but now wants his position back, but if he is not accepted back would you consider me for the position. Thanks KangarooJack09
  12. Re: Chagas or Granero? Thanks Football8 and stones, the help was appreciated. I will get Granero then, thanks.
  13. Re: Chagas or Granero? Anyone able to help. I need an answer as there is competition if i am going for Granero. Anyone please?????
  14. Hi everyone in one of my setups i have the chance to sell Paulo Henrique Chagas (85) for £6.8mill and have the chance to sign Esteban Granero (87) for £4.95mill. I was just wondering what you other forumers would do in my situation as i have heard that Chagas could rise again and that Granero also has a chance of a rating increase. So what would you do? Thansk for any help recieved KangarooJack09.
  15. Re: Spams West Ham EC2501/Toonfanforlife Newcastle EC 2400 Transfer Gossip/Match Repo Thanks Toonfanforlife.
  16. Re: Spams West Ham EC2501/Toonfanforlife Newcastle EC 2400 Transfer Gossip/Match Repo Not posted in a while. Recent results: Lost English Shield Quarter-final 3-0 to Sunderland:( Won Divsion 3 game against Tranmere Rovers 3-1 Won Division 3 game against Barnsley 4-2:) Recent player increases: S.Bolat 78-85 A.Thebaux 75-82 M.Ratajczak 74-78 T.Joneleit 75-80 M.Carcela-Gonzalez 75-84 Y.El Ghanassy 74-80 R.Lukaku 75-83 N.Roux 70-80 H.Goulon 76-84
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi would anyone be able to help me with who out of Canales and Keko has a better future as i have the chance to swap Keko for Canales. What would you do? Thanks for any help recieved. KangarooJack09
  18. Re: AM risers Please help !! You could try for Eden Hazard of Lille OSC, but he is fairly well known, but if he is available he will be going up in the next day or two, so act fast. EDIT: Sorry Hazard has just gone up to 87, so he is probably not an option now. Sorry
  19. Re: What will happen? Anyone else and thanks Pazzano you are always helping .
  20. Hi everyone, i was just wondering whether anyone would be able to help me with the future of these players ratings, any help would be appreciated thanks. S.Given M.Motta T.Vermaelen C.Chivu A.Santos S.Cazorla L.Diarra S.Busquets S.Pienaar A.P.Gignac A.Gilardino I have a transfer budget of £117.6mill after selling all of my youth team and other players that have had rating increases, so could anyone help me with who i should keep and what players rated in the low 80's that have bright futures ahead of them to sign. Thanks once again, and sorry if i am being a pain with all of these questions about player ratings KangarooJack09.
  21. Re: Rising Centre back's? Thanks everyone, i will go for Ranocchia then. KangarooJack09.
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