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  1. Re: Players with 2 skills...AM/LM Got it thanks
  2. When a player can play in two positions like these... AM/LM...CB/LB Is the player equally good in both positions or is the first one his best? thanks in advance...
  3. (This is not a moan, I just need to understand) My player on the transfer list at his SM value, £3.8 million, I get one bid from an external club £740k under the valuation. Another club sells a player valued at just over £6 million to Roma (external club) for over £14 million. Logic?
  4. Re: Swansea - looking for real trivia and history swanseajack is your man
  5. Re: Euro 2012 draw It was going really great until pot 1 I really wanted Croatia or Portugal and think if we had have got either, we could have done it
  6. Why not have a 'Jobcentre' in each game world? All managerial vacancies can be listed there and and managers can move around as they want, with (maybe) minimum time limits in each job before managers can move again.
  7. Re: Newcastle V Cardiff City - Predictions City were demolished by probably the best side this league has seen for years, so we move on to Peterborough on Tuesday. (Hope we don't go 4-0 up at half time) @Swanseajack, just loosen up a bit my old jack, it's all funz! Your only real passion is your hatred of us.
  8. Re: Newcastle V Cardiff City - Predictions The council owns your ground
  9. Re: Newcastle V Cardiff City - Predictions RiDsdale get the *****'s name right please bet we won't go into admin, even if we do it could be advantageous Write this season off, avoid relegation and the club becomes a cheap bargain for any interested party. We own our ground, you don't We have over 20k attendance average, you don't We are the capital, we get everything
  10. Re: Newcastle V Cardiff City - Predictions oh dear... nm swanseajack, the only place you will finish higher than us is for selling pegs from your caravan
  11. Re: Newcastle V Cardiff City - Predictions 1-1 Need 10 letters...
  12. Re: Match Day Experience A favourite default team selection would be so handy.
  13. Re: What team do you really hate?? Jacks, Leeds and Stoke But I really pity the "plastics"
  14. Re: What football team do u support ? No...that's me!
  15. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Great perseverance once again and a Bothroyd extra time winner Just want 5pm Monday to come now...
  16. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Waited 41 years for that!
  17. Re: Young LB and CB needed Got him thanks
  18. Re: Young LB and CB needed Miguel (CF), Marco (W-Fwd), Flavio (W-Fwd) ? Cannot locate Diniz
  19. Re: Young LB and CB needed Still need a left back
  20. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season The latest on the Cardiff City takeover/no takeover soap opera, by kind permission of Penarth Kev... The scene the Nuclear proof Boardroom (The room is full of Reporters for the press conference when the door opens and PR walks in wearing only his underclothes and shoes. A gasp and murmur of voices goes around the room) PR: (sitting at desk) Ah I see you all like my new suit – very smart isn’t it. I’ve just had it made especially for me at the new Tailors that’s just opened on the Retail Park – there called “The Emperors New Clothes”. (The Reporters are still gazing open mouthed at PR when Terry from the Echo pipes up) TP: Very smart Mr Chairman its taken pounds off you, a lovely cut if I may say so. (the other Reporters not wishing to be the odd one out nod in agreement.) PR: (with a smug look on his face) Well lets start first of all thank you for arriving early, Dave will be joining us shortly to talk about the match but first I’d like to take this opportunity of introducing you to representatives of all parties interested in taking over Cardiff City. (reaches under desk and produces a puppet from a box which he places on the seat next to him) May I introduce Mr Pin Occhio who is representing our Far Eastern Investors. Any questions for him? (A stunned look of disbelief settles on the faces of the hardened hacks and a deathly silence pervades the room) TP: If I may ask Mr Occhio how far down the route of taking over the Club his Consortium has reached. PR( smiles at TP and bends over to the puppet). Mr Pin Occhio or PO as we like to call him has asked me to translate for him as he is a little unsure of his English. He says that he expects completion within 2 weeks. Reporter: Mr Occhio have you got the funds to take this Club forward and after studying the books are you still interested in doing so. PR: (glares at Reporter and then leans over PO again) PO says yes and that all will be revealed within the next 2 weeks. Reporter: Did you see that his nose just extended by 2 inches. PR: No it didn’t. Reporter: Look its happened again. PR: (quickly picks PO up and puts him back in the box.) Reporter: You just put him in a box! PR: No I didn’t………… ummmmmmmm…………….eerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it’s a Worm Hole he’s just had an urgent message and eeerrrrrrrrr………..he’s got to get back to the far east straight away. Marvellous inventions these worm holes – won’t be long before we all have one! (stunned silence again from the assembled press) PR: (with his leg moving up and down at speed) Moving on I would like to introduce our new potential investor from the US of A. (gradually an inflatable punch bag appears above the desk with a face drawn on it in crayon.) This is Mr Lonsdale. Any questions ummmm……eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr Terry? TP: How many investors do you represent Mr Lonsdale? PR: (relieved look on his face and leans over to the punchbag) You’ll have to forgive Mr Lonsdale for not talking direct to you but he has a bad cold and can only speak with a whisper. He says that he represents 10 of America’s richest men. Reporter: And how is the due diligence going? PR: (eg still pumping up and down) He says that it’s going well and that they have never before seen such a set of well kept and honest records and feels that within 2 weeks all will be revealed. Tucker: this what a load of baloney where’s the buffet? PR: (immediately jumps up to remonstrate with Media Wales finest and kicks the valve out of the punchbag. Mr Lonsdale expodes into the air whizzing around the room causing everyone to duck before wrapping itself around the water cooler. There is shouting and uproar around the room until a foreign voice says GENTLEMAN QUIET PLEASE) Voice: (a foreign looking gentleman with hair swept back sporting a goatee beard) Order please dank u PR: I recognize that voice but can’t place the face. Voice: Ahh Herr Doktor Ridsdale it hast been a long time no? Ift I may as be so bold. (reaches into his briefcase and puts on a Doctors white coat and a pair of yellow wellies) PR: I’ve got you now – It’s Dr Von Munchausen from the Zurich Clinic for the Criminally Insane. How is everyone in the Sanitorium? Voice: Ah... as vell ast can be expected Herr Doktor. And u? I am thinking you haf not be taking of the medicines I gave u? PR: (stands up as 4 men dressed like the Doctor enter the room) Is it time to go back Doctor? Voice: Yes Peter now go with Klaus und the udders to the car. We aft your special room waiting for u. U are knowing oft der one – the one wif der special bed und padded wall paper. PR: That will be nice – I am feeling tired. (PR is led to the door – just as it opens and DJ enters wearing a string vest tucked into his y fronts) DJ: Nice suit Pete. I see you found the new Tailors as well. Voice: Herr Doktor Ridsdale – Vud u liken yore friend to also go wif u?
  21. Re: Young LB and CB needed Both great players but too expensive for me...sadly
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