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  1. I have about 7.8 million to spend and am looking for long term players, they don't have to be the finished articles right now as they will probably used as cover at the moment. thanks...
  2. Re: Divisional player ratings cap? thanks a lot
  3. I manage Notts County in English Championship, division 3. SCHMEICHEL, Kasper was down rated from 84 to 80 a little while ago, now a player of mine, Miguel JOAO AURELIO, has had his rating increased to 83. Will he also be down rated? It seems odd as I can get loan players well over those ratings and their rating does not go down. Will they go back up if I get promoted? thanks...
  4. It's a pain altering all the players and tactics every time I play a friendly. Any chance of a default setting (like hattrick)? thanks...
  5. Re: Player Concerns The only player concern I have in two worlds is with my only loaned out player. He wants more cash, Do I have to recall him to offer him a better wages package? (Assuming I cannot get the club that borrowed him to buy him).
  6. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Sometimes there are no words *cries*
  7. Re: Using all 3 substitutes I've only just mastered how to do a straight substitution:) tactics is a little way down the line I think
  8. Re: Using all 3 substitutes meanwhile back at my question... Why do we bother with 5 substitutes then?
  9. Re: Using all 3 substitutes Thanks a lot
  10. Re: Using all 3 substitutes anyone?...
  11. Can I safely set all three substitutions to be made? The reason I ask is... Do I need to leave one free for random injuries during a game, or do these not happen? thanks...
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Stuttgart v Barcelona Olympiakos v Bordeaux Inter Milan v Chelsea Bayern Munich v Fiorentina CSKA Moscow v Sevilla Lyon v Real Madrid Porto v Arsenal AC Milan v Man Utd Mourihno and Beckam both make emotional returns to england.
  13. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season All on all, a good day
  14. When you get or send messages, any chance that the club(s) managed and world number(s) can be included as standard? Most times it can take a while to work out who the person messaging you actually is and which club they represent. thanks...
  15. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Another week on the rollercoaster that is Cardiff City! A post on another forum by a respected trust official... (Where next for us?) "That was the week that was...another rollercoaster of uncertainty for the fans. Confusion maybe a better way to describe the week, either way are we any the wiser? The club have thankfully allowed fans to pay by instalments for season tickets and after Christmas...However the cynics will say that that Zebra finance are giving the club the money now, less an interest charge, even though fans have 5 months to settle. This is something we fought for so can't be hypocrites and complain but please consider the fact that £3 million could be raised by January 1st if this offer is fully subscribed. £3 million of possible future income for use now. It is also stated that we have raised £1.2 million on the basis that we pay it back from TV income we normally get in March £1.2 million of possible future income for use now. Are we putting a lot, if not all our eggs in one basket here? What do we do when the normal time these income streams are due to arrive??????? The cupboard will be bare. Well we either sell our assets...the players or the Malaysians come along and invest heavily in our club... This is one hell of a gamble or is it a calculated risk? Two members of staff, both personal acquaintances of mine, for whom I have a lot of time for have now been suspended...Berwyn Jay and Jason Turner...no complete explanation has been given for these two long time members of staff losing their jobs, there are one or two others who have also left under dark clouds...who is next? The supporters Trust held a meeting with Peter Ridsdale and Alan Flitcroft(financial director) a few weeks ago, Peter Ridsdale stood in front of over 200 fans on Monday and at both events he was put across convincing arguments that he was doing an excellent job and justified his £350,000 a year out of our far from rich football club. He was also very confident that all this alarming debt we have around our club can and will be dealt with, every argument we tried to put he had an answer for, no matter what questions were asked. We have two fans organisations, the supporters Trust and the supporters club, we also have excellent communication through these forums with many other City fans...we need to stick together as fans...this is a difficult time...a potential pivotal time in the History of our club...a Billionaire might be on the horizon or it could be Administration...we have put many eggs in one basket in the hope its the former but there is every likelihood it could be the latter and the fans will be left to try to pick up the pieces. This is a mad club but its our club, never a dull moment here but one thing stays constant and that is the diehard fans...stick together, get behind the players on the field and keep everything crossed that the off field events are positive"
  16. Re: Right now i'm listening to... The Nice - Intermezzo from The Karelia Suite (Sibelius)
  17. Re: Right now i'm listening to... The Edgar Broughton Band - House of Turnabout *A blast from my past*
  18. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Oh...The emotional rollercoaster that is Cardiff City!
  19. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Robert Plant/Jimmy Page - Kashmir (from 1996 album No Quarter)
  20. Re: Non GM Can Now Get More Than 3 Teams OK... Can someone reply in 'Simples' please? My starting rep was 40 Do I get another free club when my rep reaches a certain number? If so...what is that number? Same for the 3rd club too thanks
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